My Teenage Diary Series – 7th July 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

On Wednesday Kenneth picked me up from The Queens Head at 7.10pm. He was wearing sunglasses and if he’d only been wearing his hat as well he would have been totally hunkmungous, mind you I think he’s gorge in any state. I got in the car and we sat there for 5 minutes deciding what to do. We ended up in Malmesbury at Old Station Yard. There were quite a lot of people there, most of whom I didn’t know so I didn’t speak to many people and basically just stood around feeling totally rare. Kenneth kept coming over to me a lot though just to check if I was alright. I got introduced to some people and I spoke to Percy and Jono. We stayed there for about an hour and a half, while Kenneth got a stereo fitted in his car. He was so happy to have noise again. We then headed over to Percy’s garage where there were about ten of us. We didn’t stay there very long though because everyone just sort of went so me and Kenneth drove to Chippenham where I agreed to go over to his house even though I’m like totally freaked out by his friends. There were even more people there than the other day and we all sort of crowded out on the front lawn so we could have a ‘family’ photo taken by this bloke next door. Kenneth had told them that I was scared of them so they were all playing along with it and growling at me so I guess it kind of made it easier and I soon felt totally relaxed around them. It was quite funny actually. God knows why I was scared of them, they’re all just totally mad, it’s brilliant.

We sat in the lounge for a while but Kenneth had to take Charlie and Dawson home so he said he’d drop me off on the way back even though it was 10.00 because he was really tired and he was in a pissed off mood. I just went along with it because the more he got pissed off the more it rubbed off on me. The car journey was really quiet and it wasn’t until after we’d dropped Charlie home that he started asking whether I was alright and patting me on the leg and squeezing my hand. I guess I didn’t respond too well, so he knew something was up. He started being warmer to me once we’d dropped Dawson off. He stopped the car on the back roads to Hullavington because he needed a leak. When he got back in he kissed me and it wasn’t long before we were heavily getting off with one another. I guess I was asking for it really by wearing a skirt but I kind of wanted it. He fingered me twice to be exact and at first it hurt but I’ve realised now that the more you relax and the more you widen your legs the less it hurts and the more it becomes enjoyable. He was soon leading my hand to his dick, but I couldn’t get his trousers undone so he did it and basically they were down to his knees in no time. He encouraged me to stroke it and toss him off, but I’d never done it before so I was rubbish to say the least. He told me to go faster then guided my hand and showed me how to do it. I guess I was a bit embarrassed and he even said, “you’re not very good at this.” That made me stop and he apologised, but it kind of got me out the mood. So he asked me whether I’d finished playing and then said, “OK I’ll put Fred away then.” His dick was massive to say the least and the pleasing thing was that it remained erect all the time, so it obviously shows he finds me attractive.

He drove me to The Queens Head where we had one last kiss then I had to go home. I was slightly worried from then on because I thought that he’d either not get in contact with me because I was inadequate or every time we saw each other we’d have to get heavy every time. But the worries were all cleared away because Thursday night he phoned me but I wasn’t in. So when I got in I phoned up his house where they gave me his mobile number, so I phoned him up. He was coming through Hullavington with his mate in about half an hour and he wanted to know whether I wanted to meet up with him. I obviously agreed even though it was 10.15pm. I met up with them and we went in The Queens Head. Kenneth offered to buy me a drink, but I didn’t cos I wasn’t feeling too great. We sat there talking until closing time and it was real cool. We had a good chat. God imagine me socialising with an 18 year old and a 23 year old. Talk about street cred. Kenneth lost his job today so they were talking about setting up a window cleaning business. Kenneth’s face while his mate was talking about it was a pure picture. At closing time we just hung around outside for an hour. Kenneth was being really sweet to me by keep hugging me and kissing me and not demanding anything more. His mate was tuning his radio in. Kenneth picked me up but found it hard so I picked him up and then I picked his mate up, they were well impressed. I nearly broke my back because me and Kenneth were led against the bonnet kissing only I was on the bottom. Every time I see him I like him more and more. I don’t know when I’m seeing him again because tonight he’s going to Golddiggers and tomorrow night I’m working so he said he’d probably phone me Sunday, so hopefully I might see him then. Hopefully he’ll be able to go to Sheila’s camping party, mind you I’ve still got to clear it with my parents. All I know is that I’ll feel so rare if I’m the only one not allowed to camp out.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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