Natural Skin Care: How To Choose The Best Option For You

The global beauty industry offers millions of skin care products and that makes it hard for consumers to choose the right ones. Unfortunately, most consumers neglect the health issues and base their decisions on marketing tricks such as attractive labels and extravagant packaging. However, since our body absorbs the ingredients from what we apply onto our largest organ, it is recommended to always opt for natural skin care products where possible. Not all of them please your skin, though. The following article suggests useful advice on how to choose the best option for you.

Get Familiar With Your Skin Type

Each skin care product is made with the aim to target a specific skin problem. Therefore, it is crucial to determine your skin type before purchasing a product so as not to accidentally enhance the things you are dissatisfied with. In order to do that, observe your face thoroughly and pay a visit to a dermatologist or the nearest beauty shop where you can determine the skin type by using a specialist skin diagnostic tool. Although the type of skin depends on the season and environmental factors, there are three central skin types: dry, oily and combination, and each of them has its own needs.

Natural Dry Skin Care

Heaving dry skin means having smaller pores and poor elasticity. If ignored, dry skin might become even drier and become prone to itching, cracking and eventually peeling. Thus, faces with this type of skin have more visible wrinkles, which can influence people’s overall appearance. Hopefully, there are many natural ingredients that can be helpful with treating dry and damaged skin.

For example, hyaluronic acid and glycerin are moisture beneficial ingredients, while glycolic is able to get rid of dead skin cells. When it comes to products themselves, shea or cocoa butter and carrier oils (coconut, borage, marula) are perfect moisturisers that should be applied after a bath or a shower to help lock moisture in.

Natural Oily Skin Care

It must be said that oily skin is by far the most problematic. It comes as a consequence of androgen hormone triggering the production of redundant amounts of sebum – “an oil-like substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin”. For the same reason, pores become sealed by oil, dirt, and even bacteria, which further causes the occurrence of white and blackheads. Natural skin care can do nothing about our nature, but in combination with healthy habits it can reduce excessive oil and help prevent its consequences to a certain degree.

Opt for high-quality products that are rich in ingredients that can wipe out dirt and shine from your face. For instance, sulphur helps prevent acne by having an ability to absorb the sebum, while vitamin C may slow down the skin aging process. As contradictory as it might sound, argan oil is confirmed to be good at sebum reducing and acne inflammation. If you have oily skin, try applying honey and cosmetic clay as a means of face cleansing.

Natural Combination Skin Care

The characteristics of combination skin are apparent from its name. While the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) is shiny and oily, other areas of facial skin are either dry or normal. It means that you might face problems related to both of the skin types above. Meeting their different requirements can be challenging, but manageable. Essential oils that are good for combination skin are citrus essential oils (lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit). However, they should be applied only prior to bedtime, because of their photo sensitivity. Also, you should consider purchasing products containing vitamin E and lactic acid.

As it is constantly exposed to different weather and environment conditions, our skin requires special treatment. Taking care of our skin is ultimately taking care of our health. Thankfully, carefully chosen natural ingredients contribute to nice and smooth skin. What’s more, in that way, gentle and healthy skin boosts confidence, as it makes people feel more comfortable in their own skin.

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