New Podcast Explores if the Future of Beauty Lies with Ingestibles

Are nutricosmetics really the future of beauty? Can a simple pill alone give you glowing skin, shiny locks and beautiful nails or is it too good to be true? A new podcast, The Beauty and Personal Care Conversation investigates the ingestible beauty trend in its first episode to discover if beauty really does come from within or if it’s just skin deep.

The cosmetic benefits of ingestible beauty products hinge on the theory that supplements can be beneficial to our skin, hair, and nails. But does the science back this wellness revolution? Belinda Carli, Director and Cosmetics Chemist of the Institute of Personal Care Science and Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe, beauty and personal care journalist and editor, and Creative and Communications Director of Lion Spirit Media and Roaring Content, delve into the latest beauty cult with podcast The Ingestible Beauty Trend: Hard to Swallow.

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe said: “There are so many beauty and wellness myths out there it can be difficult to find out the real truth. Surprisingly a lot of the claims and advice you read and hear about in the wellness sector are either inaccurate or incorrect. The Beauty and Personal Care Conversation podcast aims to debunk the latest trends and get to the real answers.

“With ingestible beauty fast gaining popularity, it will be our first podcast focus. Consumers are looking for quick and easy ways to get the skin and hair they see every day on Instagram and in glossy magazines. They are seduced by the promises made by big brands and celebrity endorsements that beauty in a bottle really exists. But can nutricosmetics really replace a well-balanced diet?

With Belinda’s extensive scientific background, and my many years of writing about beauty, we discuss if supplements really provide beauty benefits—or if the truth is harder to swallow when it comes to ingestible solutions.”

Belinda added: “Focusing on the claims and science behind cosmetics, it is important to remember that cosmetics are for external application only. Cosmetic products are defined under regulations as for external application only, so we cannot assume or use science or data we have from topical applications of certain ingredients and imply they have the same impact when ingested.”

Natasha added: “The first podcast in the series will look at the opportunities and trends in this beauty space, together with the regulatory and evidence-based issues with developing and marketing ingestible beauty pills and powders.

“We will look at both sides of the coin, and find out if an ingestible beauty routine can really replace a healthy lifestyle and good diet. The podcast will get into the nitty gritty of nutricosmetics.”

The Beauty and Personal Care Conversation podcast will continue to question and weigh-up the latest beauty trends with the second podcast, Wellness in Beauty & Personal Care: Insights, Regulations and Opportunities available from 12th May.

The thought-provoking podcast will look at the consumer trend towards wellness and taking care of oneself. It will answer the question, are wellness products really beneficial or are they full of empty promises? And it will focus on how companies are marketing their products with health claims, investigating if they are what they appear to be. The balanced and unbiased insight into the wellness sector will explore where the opportunities lie for beauty and personal care brands to build a connection with consumers and thrive.

To hear the first podcast looking at ingestible beauty, head on over to The Beauty and Personal Care Conversation podcast with Belinda Carli and Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe.

Author Bio

Natasha Spencer-Joliffe is a Journalist and Editor, as well as the Creative and Communications Director of Lion Spirit Media and its sister brand, Roaring Content, which provide marketing strategies, content and support to brands eager to tell their stories to curious people wanting to read, hear and view them.

Over the past 10 years, Natasha has reported for a host of beauty and personal publications, including Cosmetics Design and Beauty Independent from business, legal and sociological perspectives, covering areas, including brand innovation, market trends, regulations, science and formulation, and design. She has also written for market intelligence companies like Innova Market Insights and WGSN. Natasha has also been interviewed herself as a trends insight provider for research institutes and event organisers such as Sturm en Drang and in-cosmetics.

Natasha has also worked with numerous beauty and personal care startups, growing indies and multinational organisations to develop their brand presence, strategies, engaging content in the form of website copywriting, blogs, media relations, eBooks, whitepapers and case studies, as well as providing ongoing support.

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Belinda Carli is the Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science, providing on-line training and Diplomas in the formulation, development and regulatory affairs of personal care and cosmetics for thousands of students from over 70 different countries for over 14 years.

The IPCS Youtube channel contains hundreds of videos covering a variety of cosmetic formulation, regulatory, marketing and brand management topics. She is a regular presenter at major International events and her work can be found in many national and International publications, UL Prospector and Special Chem formulators site.

She has been the Official Technical Advisor to the in-cosmetics Group internationally for 5 years; and has written 5 books on Beginners and Advanced Cosmetic Formulation, Organic and Colour Cosmetic Formulation and Brand Management.

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