New Year’s Resolutions For Your Beauty Routine

The fresh start of the New Year is always a great opportunity to change the things we weren’t happy about in the previous time period. Alternatively, we can upgrade some of our routines and habits. Thus, you can start by saying that the New Year means a new and improved beauty routine.

Investing your time, effort, and money in taking care of your body should not be taken as a luxury but as a form of reenergizing and balancing. By nurturing your skin and hair, you also rejuvenate your mind, and you take time to prioritize your own needs. And this is something that every person needs to do from time to time.

So, take this time of the year to start a new beauty routine by incorporating some or all of the following tips.

Taking Off Your Makeup Before Bed

This is a pretty obvious one, but cleaning your face before you go to sleep is incredibly important. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup during the day, you should still clean and then hydrate your face, as the air pollution, as well as the fact that we all tend to touch our face with our hands, can do damage to your skin. If you leave your face with all the accumulated air pollution particles, dead skin cells, and makeup on it and go to bed, you will be committing a crime against your pores, which will result in new acne and breakouts.

So, get a face cleanser that suits your skin type, clean gently, apply serum and moisturizer, and enjoy a good night’s sleep while your face is being perfectly nourished. Undoubtedly, the next morning you will wake up with skin that has been refreshed and is ready to show its full glow.

Invest In Beauty Treatments

We all read about those amazing facial treatments that you get done professionally at those gorgeous beauty salons. And while we admire the effects of those treatments and procedures, we also almost always say that now is not really the time to book our own appointment. Well, the New Year is the ideal time to finally treat yourself with a lovely face treatment.

Even if you have quite good skin, you can start with a nourishing treatment, such as the rejuvenating mesotherapy, which will improve your skin tone, give you that irresistible glow, and will improve the elasticity of your skin. So, start by slowly incorporating professional beauty procedures into your skincare routine, as they will contribute to you having a healthy and even more beautiful face. These treatments, combined with the skincare you do at home, are the ticket to gorgeous skin and a blissful state of mind.

Try Some DIY

Due to the pandemic, we’ve all been forced to spend more time at home. And as we have used the beginning of lockdown to sleep, read all the books from our wish list, and watch everything that was ever available on Netflix, we slowly start to find ourselves being just bored at home.

However, there is a great solution for this, as you can now finally use the time to try some skincare products that you can make at home, such as avocado and honey face masks. Moreover, there are actually plenty of beauty activities that you can do when you have a lot of free time at home. And once you have taken care of your hair, you have exfoliated and hydrated your skin with a nice face mask, you can even put on some makeup. This is a great opportunity to try out all of those eyeshadows and lipstick shades that you have never simply gotten the chance to wear before.

Using SPF On A Daily Basis

While in the summer we tend to apply sunscreen pretty much regularly, we seem to completely forget about this product during all other seasons. Cloudy and cold days make us think that the harmful UV rays are no longer a problem, and we do our skincare routine without applying a generous layer of sunscreen. This is a big mistake, as unprotected sun exposure can damage our skin even in autumn and winter. In order to prevent wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and in general, to keep your skin healthy, use a sunscreen (one that works for your skin type) every single day, and include it as a step in your morning makeup routine. Every day is a day for SPF this year.

To sum up, we can say that this is the ideal time to spice up your beauty routine with new resolutions. Be persistent, enjoy your skincare time, and the results will inevitably come.

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