Nine Ideas On How To Make The Most Of Your Kids’ T-Shirt

You can find countless stores selling children’s clothing. If you want to make something unique by yourself however, there are lots of companies that will help you with making pieces of clothing for your child. Sites like are offering a wide selection of customizable clothes. Designing clothes for your kids should be a pleasant process for both of you. This article will show you nine ideas on how to make the most of your kids t-shirt. You will find out what you should focus on during the process of designing a t-shirt for your child.

1. Bright Colors

When you are picking a t-shirt for your child, remember to choose the right color. Bright, unusual colors are the right choice. You can combine multiple colors to make it look original. Using this idea will help you to spot the kid in the crowd really fast. It will be beneficial in playgrounds, shopping malls, and other public places where you need to pay more attention to your child than usual.

Extra tip: Match the colors to make them look like your child’s favorite cartoon characters

2. Print

If you want to print on your kids’ clothes, here are some tips on how to do it the right way. It is worth adding some details that will bring some practical value to the item.

Extra tip: Try to use vector format graphics on your clothes. It will not lose quality when you scale it up or down. Vector graphics formats are SVG, EPS, PDF.

For example, if you want to use your kid’s favorite cartoon character on a t-shirt, you can add some reflective material to the item. This feature will make your kid visible during the night-time.

3. Text

Applying text on clothes gives you many options. You can experiment with colors, fonts, and content. Try it with different combinations and find the one you and your child likes the most.

With text, you can provide valuable information. Consider implementing a phone number or your name. For example, if you lose a kid in a supermarket – customer service employees will be able to identify him and give you a call.

4. Choose The Right Size

Know your child’s size before buying the t-shirt. If you are not sure about the size, it’s better to choose the bigger one as they will grow into it at some point.

5. Be Creative!

Don’t be afraid to mix things together. On the internet you can find a lot of ideas from pop culture like movies, cartoons, and games. To make the whole process funnier, you can try to draw it on your own and try to refer to things that surround us.

6. Make It Original!

When you decide to design t-shirts for your kid, try to be original. Look for inspiration on pages like Pinterest, Instagram, and look at what people are doing. Afterwards, try to think about what your child likes and try to think up your own original ideas.

7. Think About The Message

Creating a t-shirt for your child brings its own responsibility. You need to think about the message you want to put on your kids’ t-shirt. You need to be sure that the print won’t be considered offensive by anyone.

8. Family Look

The family look is a very trendy style in 2020. When you create t-shirts for your kid, why not order the same one for yourself as well! This idea is cool to use when you are going on holiday. Most likely your kid will have fun wearing the same clothes as you.

9. Work Together

Working on clothes for your child is an excellent way to team up with them. It will stimulate your kids’ creativity. They will be more engaged if you let them make decisions that will affect the final product. Ask a lot of questions during the process of designing the t-shirt. Because of this, they will be continuously focused on the process. Moreover, give them tasks, for example, finding the right picture for a t-shirt print.

Designing custom clothes could be a great way to bond with your child, and this activity will help develop their interpersonal skills and artistic talents. Cooperate with kids on your projects; it brings a lot of fun and teaches them how to work in a team.

The result of cooperation can be a beautiful hand-customized t-shirt. Your child will look unique among their peers and they will definitely want to create more clothes with you in the future.

Implement these nine tips on how to make the most of your kids t-shirt. It will add additional value to your child’s clothes and maximize its wear.

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