Noom vs. Weight Watchers: How Do They Compare

If you are planning to embark on a weight loss program but aren’t too sure which one to go for, then you are in the right place. Positive weight loss results are what differentiate good well-planned out programs from the rest. There is no doubt for example, that Noom Coach and Weight Watchers are some of the best programs out there, but which one of them appeals to you the most?

Both programs offer an effective plan that help people lose weight, but we of course people are different and what appeals to one individual might not have the same effect on the other. When choosing a suitable program for your body you first have to understand your eating habits before you can figure out what weight loss program is going to be best for you.

To place you on a strong footing, let’s see what each of these weight loss systems brings to the table:

Noom Coach Weight Loss Program

The Noom weight loss program shares some similarities with Weight Watchers and has often been tagged as the preferred weight loss system for millennials. The program revolves around meal planning in conjunction with a dedicated weight loss coach. The major differentiating characteristics are that they try to focus on the psychology of weight loss while other programs look to cut down calories. They are of the opinion that once the mental aspect of weight loss is adequately taken care of then other aspects will come easily.

The Noom app interface is intuitive and functional with easy to follow plans. The app presents you with daily tasks that you must accomplish. These tasks start with logging in current weight, meals and exercise hours. Noom recognises that weight loss rules can be mentally difficult to follow that’s why the app comes with a specialised weight loss coach that makes sure you accomplish your daily tasks.

According to a recent study that took into consideration 35,921 individuals who followed the Noom weight loss program, approximately 77.9% of all participants reported a decrease in body weight while using the app.

Finally, you are added to a group with people of similar weight loss targets to help you share ideas and get motivation from the success of other people. You can get a trial of Noom program via

Pros of the Noom Weight Loss Program

  • You have unlimited access to a dedicated health coach via the app
  • Group support with other people on the same weight loss goals
  • Calorie tracking and easy food log into the app
  • Thousands of healthy recipes to make your weight loss efforts a fun process

Cons of the Noom Weight Loss Program

  • Monthly membership plans are quite pricey
  • Scanty after hour’s professional support. You will need to pay a little extra to get after-hours support.

Weight Watchers Program Review

Unlike Noom, which focuses more on the psychological aspect of weight loss, Weight Watchers centres around creating a balanced diet without unnecessary calorie intake. Weight Watchers have evolved over the years and have become a household name.

So what’s so unique about the Weight Watchers program?

With this program, there are no restrictions in place for the kind of food you are allowed to eat. There are no deprivations of any sort, you are at liberty to plan your meals around any kind of food you deem fit.

How then are users expected to lose weight if there aren’t any restrictions in place of the kind of food to eat?

The idea of the weight watching system is to track food and calorie intake by successfully using a points system on every food item you eat. With a points tracking system in place, calorie-laden diets are controlled on a daily basis. Meals are rated depending on their calorie count, saturated fats, sugar, protein, and nutritional value.

Once you have been assigned a point rating, you are at liberty to plan your meals around that value, which also takes into consideration your age, gender, height, and current weight. The point rating system is a slow but steady approach that achieves real-time results. There is no short cut or quick fix to the system.

Like Noom, Weight Watchers also have a dedicated app that helps individuals consistently make the right choices of meals that promote weight loss. Once your weight and weight loss goals have been put into the app, it provides you with a point range system you follow to achieve the target weight loss within the specified time frame.

Pros of the Weight Watchers Program

  • You are at liberty to eat what you like as long as it is controlled in a point range system
  • Dedicated app to connect with like-minded people on the same goal as you
  • Progress tracking in an intuitive user interface
  • Calorie counting via the app is automatic

Cons of the Weight Watchers Program

  • The system gives too much freedom to people who might not have the will to stick to a point rating.
  • Unhealthy dieting can crop up as a result of the liberty of choosing to eat whatever you like
  • It can be a tedious process to count your points

Head-to-head – Key Differences Between Both Programs

Approach to weight Loss: While Weight Watchers place a lot of emphasis on food and calorie count, Noom Coach tackles the psychology aspects of losing weight. In this aspect Noom weight loss is similar to Modern Fit Club weight loss. They believe that by correcting what drives your actions and choices you stand a better chance at committing to lose weight in the long term.

Philosophy of both programs: Both programs share the same philosophy of maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. While Weight Watchers make use of a point rating system to control whatever you choose to eat, the Noom weight loss program takes a different approach by checkmating the impulsive habit of overeating by using a colour system based on the density of calories.

Coaching Teams: There are a lot of similarities in the coaching teams of both programs. They employ some of the best weight loss personnel in the industry today. You will find ex-users who have had success with the program, exercise physiologists, social workers and certified-trained personnel as paid members of the program, all ready to give you valuable advice to help you succeed.

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