Nursing Home FAQ: Common Elderly Abuse Questions

Abuse of the elderly is a big problem in some nursing homes and when that happens it is important that the nursing home be exposed and held accountable for their abusive practices. While everyone can agree that nursing home abuse is a dreadful act, there are questions regarding this kind of abuse that many people may have that need to be answered. From what kind of abuse is perpetrated by the staff of the home, to how they find out about the abuse, to what they can do about that abuse, and more.

Those questions will be answered, but no matter the answer it is vital that anyone who has a loved one that has experienced nursing home abuse contact an attorney to help them. Legal action must sometimes be taken in order to redress the wrongs committed by the nursing home facility. That is why Chicago nursing home lawyers recommend getting in touch with an attorney as soon as you hear anything about abuse going on in a nursing home where a loved one is a resident. If they do not treat their residents with the respect and dignity they deserve, then you can be assured that an attorney will.

What Are The Different Types Of Nursing Home Abuse?

There are many different kinds of nursing home abuse. The following are the most common:

Physical Abuse – This involves striking or hurting the resident in some way.

Emotional Abuse – This occurs when the staff verbally abuses a resident or prevents them from seeing their family and friends.

Sexual Abuse – Sometimes a staff member will take advantage of a resident who is physically unable to resist them in order to perform unwanted and unsolicited sexual acts.

Neglect – When a staff member fails to take care of a resident and leaves them to suffer in silence, that is also a form of abuse.

Financial Abuse – A staff member might try to drain the finances of a resident or even attempt to convince them to leave all or some of their estate to them.

How Do I Find Out About Nursing Home Abuse?

While the perpetrators of abuse will try to hide their actions, there are several ways to bring their wrongdoings to light:

Whistleblowers – In some cases, other staff members at the nursing home will notice abuse going on and come forward to let the authorities know about it.

Observation – With each type of abuse, there are signs that family members can look out for to learn if their loved one is a target.

Resident Complaints – In many cases the resident will make complaints about the type of treatment they are receiving, in which case the person who hears those complaints should take them seriously.

Who Regulates Nursing Homes?

On the federal level they are regulated by the US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Nursing Home Reform Act. But each state also has its own regulatory body, for example, the Illinois Code is in charge of all nursing home abuse claims in that state.

What Can I Do If I Learn About Nursing Home Abuse?

You should contact the regulatory department in your state and then contact an attorney. If you live in Illinois, then you should contact the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Nursing Home Complaint Hotline at 1 800 252 4343 and then immediately contact the Rooth Law Firm to get legal help.

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