The Perfect Post-Workout Coffee Break

What is your go to snack when you’ve just finished a workout and you’re absolutely starvin’ marvin? Do you take a piece of fruit or a cereal bar with you in your gym bag, or do you get lured by the delicious smells coming from the cafe and end up demolishing a big slice of carrot cake?

For optimum muscle repair, growth and recharge it is ALL about the protein, which makes these high protein goodies from Sci Mx Nutrition the perfect post-workout snack solution.

Protein Coffee Review

I love an iced coffee, but have yet to make a very good one myself, so I was super pleased to discover this one.

There are a couple of other protein coffees out there, but this one from Sci Mx has the highest protein content currently available on the market. And it is this high protein content that helps make you feel fuller for longer, which is exactly what you need after a workout and will ensure you get through that mid morning slump without raiding the treat tin. In fact, there’s a whopping 30g of protein in every 330ml serving along with only 1.9g of sugar, which is 92% less than your average cup of iced coffee. The handy sized carton is perfect for storing in your fridge ready to grab and bung in your gym bag when you’re heading for a workout, or you could even have it as an on the go caffeine hit first thing in the morning on your commute to work. It tastes like an iced latte should; creamy, smooth and with a kick.

My top tip is to proper chill it down – if you’re taking the carton out with you, try popping it in the freezer for 10 minutes, or if you’re pouring it out into a glass at home make sure to add lots of ice. In the summer I can imagine this being the most refreshing drink if it’s blended with some crushed ice to make a protein coffee slushie!!

Protein Flapjacks Review

Now as I am sure you are very much aware, I love, love LOVE a good flapjack, so can you imagine how excited I was when these bad boys landed on my desk?!

Each flapjack bar contains 21g of whey and milk based protein as well as carbs in the form of naturally milled oats and flaxseed. Carbohydrates are also great post-workout, as they help speed up the work of the protein, making them an ideal food pairing.

Chocolate Hazelnut

The Beyoncé of flapjacks – rich, strong, solid and means business!

I love chocolate, I love hazelnuts and I love flapjacks so I was expecting big things from this flavour (although having made my own healthy Nutella Flapjacks for our #FlapjackFriday feature recently they certainly have a lot to live up to!). It’s a really solid looking bar; dense with a very thin layer of chocolate on the bottom of it. Taste wise it manages to be sticky and chewy without being too sickly sweet, in fact it tastes exactly like a lovely bowl of healthy chocolate porridge. The balance between the chocolate and the hazelnuts is just right; one taste doesn’t overpower the other, and it will definitely fill you up, even I struggled to polish it all off! The only thing I could slate it for is the thinness of the chocolate layer, which I’m presuming is due to keeping the calorie/fat content down. And I think the only reason I was disappointed is that it looks as though there’s going to be more chocolate than there actually is. But it’s a very minor thing and hey maybe it’s only me with the ridiculous chocolate addiction, I mean come on, it’s a healthy chocolate protein flapjack, does it REALLY need any more chocolate?!? Try it for yourself, details of where to buy are below, and let us know what you think.

Yogurt and Raspberry

The Renee Zellweger of flapjacks – sickly sweet, fake, substantial, but you like them nine the less!

These are much sweeter tasting than the chocolate ones and they remind me of something that I used to eat as a child, but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. It contains freeze dried raspberry pieces, which you can see flecked throughout the bar, and it also has a thin yogurt coating on the base. Personally, I don’t think they’re as nice as the chocolate ones, but if you haven’t worked out by now, I am a bit of a chocoholic. There is a slight powdery aftertaste, and almost a synthetic taste to them, but not entirely unpleasant. If you have a particularly sweet tooth then I’m sure you’d like them and they certainly have a unique taste unlike other protein bars I have tried.

Yogurt and Honey

The Paris Hilton of flapjacks – rich, blonde and a little bit crum(b)y!

This is the lightest one of the trio, the blonde one if you like, and it also has a very different texture to the others. The Chocolate and the Raspberry flapjacks are much denser, more substantial, whereas this one is more crumbly and perhaps more like a cake bar than a flapjack. It is also the richest of the three, with a creamy cheesecake esque taste. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with this one and it made a really nice change both in terms of texture and taste.

 Chocolate Protein Milkshake Review

For the chocoholics among you (ummm hello!) this is the dream! It’s not too thick like some shakes can be and it’s filling, but not in a sickly bleurgh I could puke kinda way. The Sci Mx chocolate protein milkshake is fat free, has no added sugar and it is packed full of the all important protein. Yes you could argue that with the vast array of protein powders available on the market you could easily make a milkshake yourself. Yes you could be that person that preps the night before or gets up early to mix their own protein shake, being all “yeah look at me I’m super amazing, I’ve got up early AND I’ve prepped like a boss” or… you could spend an extra 10 minutes in bed, grab one of these bottles from the fridge as you head out the door, feeling refreshed and smug at the fact your kitchen doesn’t look like a food bomb has exploded in it. I know which person I’d rather be! This milkshake is a really tasty, convenient drink that has the added benefit of a high protein content too.

OK, so I’ve tried all 5 products…do you want to know what the best way to eat them really is?

Choose your flapjack, choose your drink and get dunking my friend, because a protein flapjack dipped in a protein coffee or shake is seriously the only way to get your protein power on!

Elevenses will never be the same again!

You can buy all of these protein goodies and a whole heap more over on the Sci Mx Nutrition website and don’t forget to check them out on their social pages at @scimx.

*Product gifted for review

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