The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Playgrounds For Kids

When someone becomes a new parent, they quickly discover the endless amount of toys available for kids. People will give you everything from building blocks to video game consoles, all to spoil them and make them happy. Although children need to use their imaginations through toys, it’s also crucial for them to get active and play outside. Outdoor activities at playgrounds open up their world and provide more benefits than a breath of fresh air and time in the sun.

There are many physical and mental benefits of playgrounds for kids. You may find a few that surprise you and encourage you to take your kids out to play more often.

1. More Natural Confidence

Young kids learn how to control their physical abilities through movement and new activities. When they’re on a playground, they get to try climbing monkey bars and using their legs to swing higher. Even something as simple as keeping their balance on a low beam encourages them to have more confidence.

Every time they successfully go down the slide or climb a rope ladder, they’ll feel empowered and willing to try more new things. Instilling confidence will help kids continue to push themselves and learn more about the world as they get older.

2. Reduced Risk Of Diseases

As children play on the playground equipment, they’ll run around and get some exercise as compared to sitting on the floor with their toys at home. Physical activity has proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent kids from developing diabetes later in life. Even going just once a week improves their health and gives them a brighter future down the road.

3. Better Social Skills

Unless you head to the playground during a quiet day, you’ll most likely find other families there as well. Kids with improved social skills form friendships more quickly, which prepares them for adult life by building abilities like conflict resolution and problem-solving. When children develop these skills while having fun at their favourite playground, it reinforces the lesson that making friends is a great thing to do.

4. Increased Sensory Play

Children all need sensory stimuli to learn while they play, especially if they were born with developmental needs. While they’re at the playground, kids engage in a sensory-rich environment that includes textures like sand for additional tactile stimulation. Every time a child has fun with sensory play, they build new nerve connections that help them accomplish more complex learning tasks in the coming years.

5. Less Mental Health Symptoms

Even if they don’t have the vocabulary to describe how they feel, young kids can suffer from depression and anxiety. Children who try more physical activities in places like playgrounds have shown fewer mental health symptoms from these conditions. It’s a simple way to prevent these illnesses from developing or getting worse, no matter how old your children are when they start going to the playground.

6. Reoccuring Healthy Sleep Patterns

Think about the last time your child had an exciting day. Maybe you took them to the zoo or a town festival where they got their face painted. After they had fun walking around with you, they probably took a long nap on the ride home.

Studies show that exercise helps kids fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. After your next visit to the playground, see how quickly your child goes to sleep and if they feel more refreshed and alert after they wake up. Make sure they play for more than a few minutes so they experience the best results.

Find Your Favourite Park

During your upcoming free afternoon, find a great park with a fun playground. Revisit it often so your child experiences these physical and mental health benefits that will help them as they grow up. They’ll have a great time and improve their health at the same time.

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