Prom Beauty: Discover The Top Trends To Embrace And Avoid

Before you head to prom you’ll need to decide on what you are going to wear, how you’ll do your makeup, and which hairstyle is the most flattering. It’s not an easy decision which is why you need to start getting organized early.

Of course, all of this revolves around choosing one of these fantastic prom dresses. But, before you start shopping you should be aware of the latest trends and which ones to embrace and which to avoid.

That can seem strange. After all, most people want to follow the latest trends. But, prom photos are something you’ll be looking at for the rest of your life. What’s trendy today may look very dated or even hilarious in a few years. That’s probably not how you want to remember your prom.

Keep Your Make-Up Simple

Whatever the latest trend with makeup the best approach is to keep it simple. Use your usual lipstick but take it a grade or two brighter if you want. It will embolden your normal look. Adopting the latest trends in lipstick can be accommodated provided you keep your eyes more neutral. Sticky to a classic smoky look or light pastels. It really is timeless and will ensure you look fabulous.

In the same vein, don’t be tempted to thicken your eyebrows. It’s trendy at the moment but when you’re young less is definitely more. Keep it simple.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

One of the biggest trends at the moment is bold bright colours. Adding a neon pink or orange clutch bag will ensure you’re on trend. But, you’re almost certain to hate the look in a few years.

Neons and bold colours have been popular in the past, there’s a reason why they have been out of fashion for years. Avoid accessorizing with bold colours.

Instead, opt for sparkles. This is still on-trend and it’s one style that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

Go For The Ponytail

Check out any fashion show and there will be ponytails. This is one classic that never goes out of fashion. That’s because it’s stylish and practical. A ponytail is a good choice, braids are not. Of course, this does depend slightly on how you normally style your hair.

Adding The Bling

The greater the bling the greater the cringe in the future. Bling and excessive amounts of patterns, such as animal print, can appear to be a good fashion trend to follow but they aren’t. Boosting the bling and the boldness of your outfit is guaranteed to be less fashionable within a season or two. If you’re planning ahead you could even look dated before the prom arrives.

The bottom line is simple. Prom is your chance to shine and you need to choose the clothes that you feel comfortable in. That doesn’t need to be the latest fashion trends. In many cases, the classics are often a better choice and you’re much less likely to regret it.

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