Questions To Ask When Picking A Denim Skirt

There are a lot of great skirts to pick from when you shop, but in my opinion denim remains one of the best materials to look for. However, grabbing any random denim skirt may not be idea, because each one is quite different from another. It is important to find one you like the look of and that you also feel comfortable wearing.

Below are some questions to ask when shopping for a denim skirt, which will help you choose the perfect one for you.

What Length Should I Buy?

The length of the denim skirt you opt to buy is partially a matter of personal preference. However, it also requires knowledge of the times and places you are likely to wear the skirt. For example, a mini denim skirt might not be ideal for a formal occasion. On the other hand, a floor-length maxi skirt might be cumbersome on date night.

What Composition Do I Want?

Not every denim skirt is made entirely of denim. Some are, but others also contain polyester or other types of fabric. It is important to know the composition of the skirt because it can change the characteristics involved. You have to buy them with those characteristics in mind. One of the most important is elasticity. A denim skirt that is not completely made of denim may have more give. Often, that makes it more comfortable to wear, especially if you are choosing a tight-waisted option, such as a denim pencil skirt.

Do I Want A Washed Or Raw Denim Skirt?

Another decision to make is choosing between a raw or washed skirt. When denim is washed during production, it shrinks and fades during that process. When it is raw, it tends to shrink a bit early after you purchase it. It also fades slowly over time from that point forward. However, its colour starts out bright and bold.

There is no wrong answer. Either type is fun to wear. However, if you opt for raw denim, you have to account for it shrinking when you wash it initially. That means the exact feel and fit can be a little harder to judge in the store.

What Colour Denim Skirt Should I Buy

The colour you most likely associate with denim is blue, because of the popular blue jean trousers, jackets and shorts seen everywhere. However, denim actually comes in many more colours than just blue. When choosing one, think about the contents of your closet. If you want to mix and match tops and jackets you already own with your new skirt, it needs to be a complimentary colour.

Should My Denim Skirt Have Pockets?

This question is a bit complicated. To answer it, you have to know the situations when you are likely to wear the skirt. You also have to consider your personal lifestyle. For example, if you don’t like carrying your purse everywhere, you might prefer a skirt with convenient pockets. If you feel naked without a purse, you may not want or need pockets in your skirt.

If you do want your new denim skirt to have pockets, consider the layout of those pockets. If you want them for decoration, it’s fine to have them in the back. However, for functionality they are typically more useful in the front.

What Else Do I Need To Know To Make My Ultimate Choice?

If you answer the questions above, you can quickly narrow down which skirts you may like best. However, there are still some things to know before making your ultimate choice. One is you cannot follow an exact formula and expect to automatically be comfortable with your choice. You ultimately have to choose the skirt you like the most. Another is that, when making that decision, you need to look at the quality of the skirt before spending your money on it. Do not buy the cheapest skirt you see unless it meets all of your requirements and preferences.

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