Quick and Stress Free Ways To Help Sell Your House Faster

Selling your house can be a particularly stressful time in your life, but there are ways to make the whole process a lot easier. Today we’d like to focus on some of the ways you can prepare your house to ensure it is ready for market. Click here and continue to read for some quick and stress free ways to sell your house faster.


Of course you’re not going to want spend lots of money redecorating your house when you’re going to be moving soon, but equally you don’t want to have to sell a house that needs repairs. That being said, it is worth investing a little bit of money in freshening it up with a lick of paint. Neutral colours are best as it helps to lighten the space and make it look larger, which will naturally appeal more to buyers. Not everyone has the same taste in decor, but a neutral blank canvas will allow potential buyers to visualise how they can make the house their own

Make Sure It Smells Nice

According to Ideal Home, the top smell that will make people more likely to buy your home is freshly baked bread, so it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get kneading. The smell of fresh bread evokes memories of childhood; it is comforting and homely and this helps to create an overall picture of what it could be like to live in that home. For the same reason, we also love the smell of freshly ground coffee.

One thing you must make sure of is that there are no nasty smells lurking around. Blocked drains (click here for help with that), pet smells (definitely don’t have any cat litter trays lying around), teenage bedrooms (open those windows pronto!) are all massive no no’s if you want to sell your house fast. If need be, bring in a professional cleaner to give your house a thorough clean and then you will find it easier to keep on top of for any future house viewings.

Focus On The Things Your House Has To Offer

People will often try to find out any problems with a house before they buy it, it’s simple human nature, so focus instead on showing them the positive and unique features of the house. Now that more of us are working from home, potential buyers are more likely to want a separate space to work in and they will want to know that it has good network connections, which someone like Leaseml.com should be able to assist with in some way. If you don’t have a designated work space it might be worth considering converting a spare bedroom into one, purely for selling purposes. It won’t take much time to move a desk and chair in there, and put a few plants and pictures up to help create the right atmosphere. Selling your house is all about creating a dream environment for people so you need to think about the most sought after rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms have always been good selling points, but now the work from home space is very much in demand, so make sure you can meet this requirement.

Declutter By Having A Yard Sale

People will be instantly turned off if they enter a house and are confronted with lots of mess and clutter. Not only does it not show your house off at its best, but it also gives the impression that you haven’t looked after the house while you’ve lived there and will make them wonder what other issues could be lurking.

Before you have any viewings it is advisable to spend a bit of time decluttering your house, getting rid of all those unwanted items either by donating them to charity or by holding a yard sale to make a little bit of extra money that can go towards your removal fees. Talking of which, if you manage to get rid of some of your belongings there will be less for the removal company to pack up and therefore your fee should be cheaper too – it’s a win win!

If you follow the advice above we’re certain you will find a buyer for your house in no time at all, and if you don’t… well you’ll get to enjoy lots of lovely fresh bread in the process!

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