Relax And Recuperate In Your Own Bathroom


Spending the majority of your day stuck behind a desk is probably the worst thing for your mental and physical health. And if you add insomnia or low quality sleep to that, there’s no way you can feel fresh at the end of an exhausting day. That’s why you need a place to relax and recuperate, and your bathroom might just be the place you’re looking for.

Although probably the smallest room in your home, it’s extremely vital and you need to take advantage of every single opportunity your bathroom offers. Therefore, renovate and redecorate it, creating a spa-like experience that will help you feel better day after day. Here are a few ideas you should consider.

Choosing a Proper Bath

The bath is the most important part of your new bathroom and something that can easily become a focal point of the entire space. In addition to that, it’s essential after a long day at the office – just imagine entering a bubbly bath and leaving all your worries behind!

While you can easily install a shower or a smaller bathtub, try going a step further and investing a bit of extra money into a freestanding bath. This idea is probably the most elegant and desirable way to fulfil your dreams and ensure you have enough room to dive right in. So, investigate these options and weigh all the pros and cons of built-in and freestanding baths.

Adding Some Music

Music is the key towards proper relaxation and you shouldn’t redecorate your bathroom without deciding how to include some music into it. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into an expensive sound system, but a simple bathroom radio will do the trick. Alternatively, get a set of Bluetooth speakers and enjoy your favourite tunes from your smartphone.

Ultimately, if you’re not afraid to break the bank, invest in a high-tech shower sound system – these wireless options provide the best sound quality on the market and allow you to blast your favourite music without the fear of dampening your equipment.

Dimming the Lights

Once you take care of music, it’s time to turn to your visual enjoyment. Dimmed lights are crucial when it comes to creating a spa-like experience in your bathroom, which is why so many people pay so much attention to lighting when decorating or renovating this space.

However, don’t forget about the design as well – you can’t equip your personal oasis with unattractive lights, can you? Leave it to the professionals to do this job for you and make sure you find good electrician services to help you. While some people prefer chandeliers that are both classy and illuminating, others opt for embellished pendant lighting that transforms boring old bathrooms into something special. Moreover, pedants often look more elegant than you would’ve imagined at first and you can easily incorporate them into any bathroom style you prefer.

Elevating Scents

The final touch in your spa-like bathroom should be the smell of аn essential oil or scented candles that will really take your experience to the next level. Again, there are lots of options to choose from and a wide variety of fruity and neutral smells. However, make sure these scents are natural and created in accordance with the eco-friendly initiative.

Alternatively, you could pick some of the most popular essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, clove and tea tree and make them in your own kitchen, as long as you have the basic ingredients and some free time. Just a couple of drops of these oils into your bath will make a huge difference and will turn your everyday bathing into a special experience you’re going to look forward to the entire day.


The Ultimate Treat

Once you renovate and redecorate your bathroom and incorporate a spacious bath, a set of speakers, some subtle lighting and essential oils, you can start enjoying it right away! Relaxing after a long day and recuperating after a stressful period is important for your body, mind and soul, and we all deserve a small oasis in our homes. If you want to relax even more, you should put on a face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a handful of snacks and, finally, wrap yourself in fluffy towels. You’ll not only recuperate and distress, but you’ll also feel like a movie star!

Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and is also a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration.

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