Resolutions for 2016 #1

Staying in Touch

As part of our blog series on New Year’s resolutions for 2016, we are kicking it off with number 1.


In 2016 we will…


Stay in regular contact with friends and family.

We all know life is hectic, but that’s no excuse for not spending time with those we love most. Research undertaken by the medical journal PLoS Medicine shows that lack of social bonds can be just as damaging as alcohol abuse and smoking. It’s not always practical to arrange get-togethers, but with Skype, Facebook or a good old fashioned telephone call it is now easier than ever to have regular interaction with our favourite people. So, make 2016 the most social year ever.

In fact hang on, why are you reading this?

Go and ring your mum NOW!

That’s an order! 🙂