Resolutions for 2016 #33

In 2016 we will…

Take more photos.

Looking through old photos is one of life’s simple pleasures and has been proven to help increase levels of happiness. Unfortunately, modern society has taken photography a step too far with the rise in popularity of the selfie. Digital cameras mean we no longer need to worry about wasting films, which has resulted in us being more haphazard and mundane with our photography. If we don’t like a photo we can simply delete it or put a filter on it or worse digitally enhance ourselves to have smaller waists, bigger boobs and whiter teeth. Photography to some degree has become more fictional, no longer displaying the truth, but instead portraying an idealised, unrealistic image.

The selfie feeds our self obsessed, indulgent, body conscious selves with a constant desire for perfection and has become so popular that we no longer look for the true beauty in the people and objects in the world around us. I know what you’re thinking, why would I recommend taking more photos when it seems as though we have become far too snap happy as it is?

My answer? When I say take photos, I’m not talking about selfies, no, it’s time to stop being so image obsessed and start focusing on the important photos. Photography is there to capture the moments in life that we want to remember forever. Snapshots of memories, events, big life occasions that in years to come we can look back on and reminisce with our future loved ones. To remind yourself of the way your daughter smiled when she first learned to ride her bike, what your son looked like when he lost his first tooth, the way your husband looked at you when you said ‘I do’ and other meaningful moments. It’s time to start using photography in the way it is meant to be used, as a means of capturing beauty, emotions and split seconds in time.

Grab your camera, click away and take more photos in 2016, just try to make sure you don’t just take pictures of yourself!

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