Resolutions for 2016 #5

In 2016 we will…

Check our breasts!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so why wait until the New Year when you can start checking your breasts today!?

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, but if it is caught and treated early statistics have shown a 78% survival rate. It’s not difficult to check your breasts, but like all these things it is very easy to forget to do it. That is where making a resolution comes in, because if you can get into the habit of regularly checking your breasts for irregularities, you could end up saving your life.

Things to look out for are:

  • A change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
  • Discharge from either of your nipples, which may be streaked with blood
  • A lump or swelling in either of your armpits
  • Dimpling on the skin of your breasts
  • A rash on or around your nipple
  • A change in the appearance of your nipple, such as becoming sunken into your breast

It is worth remembering that most lumps aren’t cancerous; it may be an enlarged gland, a cyst or a benign lump, but if you have absolutely any doubt at all, you must make an appointment with your GP or nurse so that they can give you the once over.

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