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Protein supplements are an incredible innovation and have made fitness regimes more convenient. I have always been passionate about fitness, so I got introduced to the world of protein supplements early on in my journey.

That’s when I developed a sense of adventure and always decided to give reputable ones a chance. I first came across Xtend BCAAs when looking for reviews for protein powders with minimal carbohydrates. The Original variant had no carbs or sugar and had decent reviews, so I decided to give it a try.

To say I was happy with the results would be an understatement. I have since made it a point to try out their other variants, and my experience has always been great.

Why I Chose Xtend BCAA

I already mentioned why I decided to give this product a chance, but the need wasn’t the only thing that affected my decision. Several options fit my initial criteria, so I had to dig a little more to pick the winner.

Following are the key reasons that made Xtend BCAA stand out to me during this phase:

Customer Reviews

Xtend BCAA had the most consistent positive customer reviews from the options I was considering. People had liked it for the flavour, overall taste, texture, results etc. I prefer not to put something too unknown into my body, so seeing the multiple positive reviews inclined me towards the brand.


After shortlisting based on customer reviews, I decided to look at the brand’s endorsements. Most of the athletes who have endorsed the brand are leaders in the fitness community and known for their dedication to the craft.

UFC Fighter Brian Kelleher, athlete Brittany Ann, Janet Layug, and Ron Everline are all professionals and have a history of being authentic in their fitness endorsements. Therefore, seeing their name attached to Xtend BCAA convinced me that this protein supplement is worth it.

Knowledge And Details

Lastly, I looked at what the brand was offering and was deeply impressed. They have kept their business focused on BCAA proteins, so I knew I’d benefit from branched-chain amino acids irrespective of the offering I chose. Muscle growth is always a primary consideration for me, so I generally prefer my supplements to have BCAA in them.

I also liked that they had very clear instructions about usage. Their website lists the order of product use and has several informative blogs useful when looking for more information about hacks. They have generally created an impressive system that shows they know what they’re doing.

After considering all the factors mentioned above, I ordered the original variant because I was looking for something to drink during my workout.

Features That I Loved

Everything has been research-related, but the following aspects cover my experience with the product. You can judge a protein supplement on many elements, but I tend to stick to the six I have mentioned below.

Nutritional Value

The first factor that you should look at is the nutritional value you’re getting out of each serving. As I mentioned above, the original variant has zero carbohydrates and calories, something I found impressive.

However, that’s not all the product has to offer. Following are some additional nutrients that are worth mentioning for the benefits they bring:

Leucine (3500g)

Leucine is an integral nutrient for muscle and bone tissue recovery and aids growth. It also helps control blood sugar levels and regulates hormones to maintain a healthy balance. It is one of the most routinely used BCAA that our bodies derive from the food we consume.

Glutamine (2500g)

Glutamine also supports muscle growth and recovery, but it has several key functions. This nutrient boosts our immune system and helps store energy to prevent the body from feeling lethargic and drained in emergencies.

Isoleucine (1750 mg)

A popular detoxifying agent, Isoleucine helps flush out nitrogenous waste from the body and boosts the immune system in the process. It is also critical for healing wounds, so there is good reason to have a sufficient amount in your body.

Valine (1750 mg)

Valine is my favourite ingredient, though I obviously appreciate the others just as much. This BCAA is necessary for endurance; hence, a critical part of the diet for all weightlifters and athletes.


Electrolytes are what set Xtend BCAAs apart from the competition. Including them in a protein powder recommended for between workouts is perfect because it helps keep the body hydrated and balanced.

Citrulline Malate

Lastly, this protein supplement has Citrulline Malate, which helps improve oxygen circulation in the body. The better oxygenated our bodies are, the better we endure during exercise or athletic activities.


Those who like flavoured supplements will be happy to know that the Xtend BCAAs comes in several. Following are the ten flavours you can get your supplement in:

  • Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Glacial Grape
  • Italian Blood Orange
  • Knockout Fruit Punch
  • Lemon Lime Squeeze
  • Smash Apple
  • Strawberry Kiwi Splash
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Watermelon Explosion
  • Mango Madness

All flavours are incredibly refreshing, which helps when you’re hot and sweaty in the middle of an intense workout routine.

Available Sizes

One thing I loved about the brand was that it isn’t stingy with the quantity. You can buy two different sizes, one with 30 serves and another with 60 serves and expect both to have the promised quantities.

Several quality protein supplements show great results but become more expensive when you factor in the minor quantity discrepancies.


All of this performance would go down the drain if the product doesn’t show results, but thankfully that’s not the case with Xtend BCAAs. I followed their instructions on usage and could feel the difference during and after workouts.

I felt far more energized, less sore, and less tired, which always helped me stick to my routine.

Final Thoughts

My overall verdict is that Xtend BCAA is a product you need to get if you follow an intense fitness regime. It is incredibly powerful and effective, and your body will thank you for the boost.

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