How to Revolutionize Your Wellness Experience

As the speed of our lives slowly approaches the speed of light, we all crave a little more time to ourselves, to slow down, enjoy the small things, and indulge in a little pampering. But things can get complicated and messy in the blink of an eye, thus turning our initial intention to bask into a chaotic rush to get the mani/pedi session over with as soon as possible, or to avoid being late for that spin class.

But before you throw in your beauty towel, you can use the perks of our innovative times to turn your self-care hunts into a more pleasurable experience in every aspect of your life. And the following trends show the most promise in letting you do just that – elevate your health hassle-free!

Short and Sweet – Meditation

No matter what you do and how hard you try to devote your undivided attention to it, your mind will wander from one moment to another, so most of your day will be a blur of checklists you revise in your mind as you lie down and wait for your massage to begin. But in order to take full advantage of your wellness gigs, you should start by clearing your mind.

Mindful breathing exercises, or mindful meditation sessions will do the trick! Especially helpful for busy bees, you can easily start the practice before your day takes over – early in the morning, or just before bedtime. When you exercise your mind to focus on the present moment and your rhythm of breathing, you’ll reduce your stress levels and enjoy your day much more than before.

Workplace Health Perks

A greater number of employers across the globe are starting to incorporate more health-focused programs into their offers in an attempt to create a healthier working environment, a better relationship with their employees, and to empower them to feel better, which will result in them working better.

Take full advantage of the discounts, on-site counseling, stress-relieving therapy, and fitness perks you’ll get as a part of your contract. This is a win-win both for you and your employer, since you’ll not only enjoy the work that you do, but you’ll also come to work well-rested, healthy, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Booking Apps

There’s no escaping our reality of a technology-dominated existence, so why not make the most of it by using it to your own advantage? With the help of booking apps such as in Hong Kong, or Beauty Booked in New York, as well as many of their siblings across the world, you can simplify your time-management in a matter of a few clicks and taps on your phone.

It’s a whole new world for beauty lovers, since with such an app you get access to exclusive offers, discounts, reviews of available services, and plenty of time to manage your timetable without picking up the phone to hear the busy signal ever again. Talk about a time-saver that lets you focus on finding the right experience for you.

Wearable Wellness

From fitness trackers such as Fitbit or TomTom, there’s a whole range of wearable gadgets out there that have been made for the purpose of simplifying your fitness life and chasing your goals. Some of the most desirable features include counting steps, keeping an eye on your heartrate, waterproof quality and durable batteries.

They might not appeal to your inner fashionista, but their functionality and often multi-purpose features are made both for rookies and veterans in the world of exercise and healthy living. Moreover, certain apps allow you to keep track of your calories, so that you can monitor both aspects of your life without wasting time on calculations and timing – everything will be done for you.

Meal-Prepping Mastered

To further advance your nutrition aspirations, most of us are tempted to stick to that bakery across the street from the office, or just pack the nearest loaf of carbs for your afternoon snack. But months into such practice, and your body image along with your health will suffer, so prevent the hassle by planning your meals like a pro!

The time has come to abandon the sandwich every day and switch to healthier alternatives such as pre-measured snack bags with nuts and seeds to keep you full, fresh fruit salads, and using spices to liven up your otherwise monotonous dishes. Some turmeric, and your chicken breast fillets will suddenly come to life! You’ll no longer crave for fast food lunches, but have a week-load of meals waiting in your fridge to keep up with your health goals, preferably at the speed of light.

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