Secrets Revealed: My Teenage Diary 14th – 20th May 1994

You’ve got to love any teenage diary entry that starts with the sentence… “the breakfasts here are absolutely gorgeous” – must have been a slow news week.

I also seem to have adopted a bit of a holier than thou attitude this week when it comes to my feelings about people talking about who they got off with at parties I hadn’t been invited to. I deffo wasn’t one of the cool kids, but it’s clear I desperately wanted to be one… well didn’t we all back then?

I’m still not very cool, and I still don’t get invited to many parties, but I do still love a good hotel buffet breakfast πŸ˜‰

Enjoy this week’s teenage diary!

Saturday 14th May

The breakfasts here are absolutely gorgeous. Sheila and I walked into the city centre and basically spent money. Mum gave me Β£15 for my lunch so I spent as little as possible and kept the rest for better uses. We spent the rest of the day swimming and keeping fit in the leisure centre, it was really relaxing. I think those two boys have gone, but a coachload of boys have now arrived. We just happened to arrive in the same lift as them and their supervisor told them, “behave yourselves in there lads.” It was so embarrassing, but it was quite funny.

Sunday 15th May

We woke up at 9.45am and we thought we’d missed breakfast so we rushed around like headless chickens trying to get downstairs to see if there was any small chance they were still open for breakfast. Luckily they were, but we later found out from Dad that on Sundays they stay open until 10.30 anyway.Β  We went for a pub dinner and then collected A at 3.30pm. Apparently Toby asked how old I was. He thought I was the same age as A. Great, that’s not exactly a compliment is it. While we were waiting, boys were leaning out of the window shouting, “get your tits out”. Male chauvinist pigs.

Monday 16th May

I just had my French oral today and I did really well. I got 39 out of 40, good eh? I still haven’t received a reply from my work experience placement so I phoned the up but Mr Churm wasn’t there. I left my phone number but there’s not much chance him phoning back so I’ll just have to get Mr Beswick to do it. There was a massive party at the weekend and everyone was talking about it. I never get invited to parties. The thing is everyone was boasting about how many people they’d got off with and I personally think that’s a disgusting way to treat people. It was going all around school without respect to anyone else.

Tuesday 17th May

Went to the dentist to check about the pain my wisdom teeth were giving me, only to find out that it wasn’t my wisdom teeth at all, but in fact it’s my second molars coming through. I’ve also got a gash on the inside of my gum, which is causing the pain. I’m staying in Mrs Saunders’ group for Maths, which is a real relief because I thought I’d have to move down. I got a level 8 for my coursework and that is a B so I’m really proud of it. Arnold’s been talking to me s much lately and keeps asking me whether I’m his friend, he even offered me a lift for work experience, but I said I wasn’t sure of the details yet. It would be so embarrassing if I was in the same car as him.

Wednesday 18th May

Me and Sheila are going to make up a ‘true story’ and send it in to Just Seventeen and if it gets printed we’ll win Β£50. Cool or what, even if it is a bit devious. I haven’t spoken properly to Percy for ages. He wasn’t even at school this afternoon. Sheila sat next to him in assembly. Jealousy or what. I’ve still had little information about work experience although he did phone back while I was at school and he says he’ll send a letter, but I’ll still get Mr Beswick to phone. What I do know is that I’ll be working at Swindon on Wednesday and at Chippenham for the other two days, which makes my life a hell of lot easier.

Thursday 19th May

Percy asked me to go to the cinema in Chippenham with either Claudia or Sheila tomorrow. I’d love to go only he was thinking of catching the bus from Hullavington at 6.30pm and getting back at midnight. Firstly, Mum would never let me and secondly Claudia won’t be allowed to go and Sheila won’t want to go so there’s no way I’d go on my own. I haven’t got the heart to tell Percy. Him and Tommy called round and Claudia came out. We walked up to the railway track and swoon of all swoons Percy massaged my leg. It was such a gorgeous sensation. One minute he’s really nice to me and the next he’s a pain.

Friday 20th May

I did go to the cinema in the end with Percy, Raymond, Gary, Timothy and Wilfred meaning I was the only girl, but it was OK. I managed to scav a lift off Wilfred so I got back home at 10.30 instead of midnight, which in a way is so disappointing because it took a lot of persuasion to let me stay out that late. I sat next to Percy in the cinema and through most of the film he sat with his legs sprawled over mine, his head on my shoulder and his hand on my knee. Swoonsome or what. I absolutely adore him. Apparently they might be going to Bernadette’s sleepover and I don’t want him to go because he’s bound to get off with someone.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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