The Self Love Christmas Gift Guide For The Woman Who Has Everything

Threee different sized square presents stacked on top of one another. Eacgh one is wrapped in brown packing paper and looks very natural. There is some pine and a pair of scissors next to them and they are on a wodden floor.

Christmas will be here before we know it and if like me you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping and it’s starting to freak you out a bit then hopefully you’ll find something of use here.

It gets trickier and trickier to come up with ideas for presents doesn’t it? I mean seriously what on earth do you buy for the woman that has everything? Boxes of chocolates have been done to death, books are fine but how do you know if they’ve already read it or not, then there’s clothes but what if you get the size/colour/style wrong, and of course there’s smellies… a girl can never have too many smellies, but honestly it’s a bit flippin’ predictable ain’t it!

And of course you could go down the road of asking for a list, which is all well and good but it doesn’t really show much thought and well part of the joy of Christmas is opening a gift that is a complete and utter surprise… plus it helps if it’s something that’s actually a nice surprise rather than some cheap and nasty gimmicky gift that’s likely to end up on eBay come Boxing Day!

So the big question is… what do you buy the woman who has everything?

Personally, I reckon it’s all about making someone feel special and with more and more of us ladies struggling to find time for ourselves these days, a little bit of self care, self love and just general all round positivity goes a long way.

Check out these Christmas gift ideas to help make the females in your life feel inspired, motivated, loved and more important than anything else to help pop a big old smile on their face and make them fell all glowy inside.

Isabella & Us Zine

Us mum’s deserve a medal for the amount of crap we have to deal with (in some instances… actual crap!), but seriously a tin foil covered milk bottle lid strung on a ribbon and scribbled with the words ‘world’s best mummy’ just ain’t gonna cut it any more. I mean, yeah homemade crafts from your little darlings are all well and good for a bit, but when the house starts looking like some kind of Blue Peter makes graveyard, the novelty of it starts to wear a bit thin. And come on if you’re being 100% honest is that really all you deserve after pushing a watermelon out of your bits and then having to try and raise a half decent human.  Plus let’s face it, they all end up in the recycling bin eventually anyway… the crafts, not the children that is!

So this year how about taking matters into your own hands and either buying your mum friends something of actual benefit or start dropping some big old dirty hints about the kind of stuff you’d like the hubby to buy for the kids to give you.

And I’ve got just the thing!

This self-published magazine from Isabella & Us is written by mums for mums and is all about promoting positive wellbeing and showing us mums just how awesome we really are. Because it’s blinkin’ tough being a mum and sure we love our kids to bits, but they don’t half take it out of you.

The Positive Wellbeing Zine For Mums offers 52 pages of advice, articles and just all round awesomeness divided up into quick and easy to read snippets for when you’re grabbing a bit of ‘me time’ in between naps. And yeah I know you’re thinking you should be sorting out the washing, pureeing veggies, or cleaning the house, but seriously it can wait, because the most important thing a mum can do is look after herself. Answer me this: how on earth are you meant to look after a little one properly if you aren’t looking after yourself well enough in the process? We need to re-energise, rest, and take time out for a bit of mental clarity. It is not self-indulgence, it is not selfish, and it most definitely should not come riddled with guilt!

The Zine is a quarterly publication and can be bought as one off copies or as a yearly subscription – printed subscription £25 or a digital subscription £10.

Funky Pigeon Happy Bag

When you receive something packaged up in a cheery tote bag emblazoned with the words ‘HAPPY BAG’, a rainbow and a big old smiley face well you just know there is gonna be some seriously good stuff inside, right!?!

And boy is there some good stuff inside this Happy Bag from Funky Pigeon, including:

  • A box of cute choccies from my absolute fave chocolate company Choc on Choc (chocolate helps make EVERYTHING better!)
  • Fearne Cotton’s book Happy (ummmm hello, the clue’s in the name!)
  • A 7-day Night Time kit from tea aficionados Pukka (a good night’s sleep is a must!)
  • A Funky Pigeon Notebook and pen (to jot down all those thoughts milling around in your head, better out than in we say!)
  • A card from Amy.

Amy? Amy? Who the *bleep* is Amy? Well yeah that’s a good question who is this Amy lady?

Well Amy is a graphic designer at Funky Pigeon and she is the creator of the Believe in Happy campaign which includes this gorgeous happy bag within its range of associated wellness gifts. The aim of the campaign is to help raise awareness of mental health issues, to shatter the stigma and to encourage people to recognise a mental health illness in the same way that they would a physical illness. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You never really know what’s going on with someone, they might seem all rainbows and sunbursts on the outside but they could be hiding a whole heap of problems up in that mind of theirs. And regardless of whether there are issues or not, this gift is about giving someone a package of happiness, to make them feel they’re worth it, to show them someone cares about them. It’s a pick me up, a smile, a glimmer of hope, a treat, it’s that sunshine through the darkness. And I don’t care how difficult someone is to buy for, how much stuff they’ve already got, how rich they might be, everyone could do with a little bag of happiness in their lives every once in while and this is just that.

Priced at £24.99, which is amazing considering all the stuff you get, 30% of the net sales from the Believe in Happy card and gift ranges goes to the mental health charity Mind.

So when you buy this Christmas gift, not only are you making someone you know very, very happy, but you are also helping out a whole heap of other people too.

Happiful Magazine Subscription

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