Severely Overweight? Here Are Your Best Options

Being severely overweight has many more serious health repercussions than simply your physical appearance. Those who suffer from obesity are more likely to struggle with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and other serious conditions.

Changing your weight and changing your life is not a simple and easy process, however. Especially for those who are obese, it can be tough to lose the weight and keep it off without help. Here are a few treatment options to consider if you need to change your life.

Bariatric Surgery

Usually, a more drastic and even last-resort option for losing weight is undergoing bariatric surgery. This is a procedure that physically alters your digestive system and will entail lifelong changes. Post-surgery, your diet will be extremely limited and you’ll need to supplement with an ADEK vitamin amongst others.

While this treatment option may be extreme, it is usually very effective in helping patients to lose weight, become healthier and remain that way for the rest of their lives. This procedure entails a lifelong commitment to living better, and can genuinely save the lives of those who are truly struggling. Check out BMCC for information on different types of surgeries and what to expect for each operation.

Weight Loss Medication

A less extreme measure is the prescription of medication to help treat obesity. Weight-loss medications are not to be confused with herbal dietary supplements and appetite suppressants which can be bought over-the-counter or even from friends and family involved in a business.

When taking proper weight-loss medication, it’s important to pair this treatment with a healthy eating and exercise plan in order to truly see results and improve your health in the short as well as the long term.

This is an option to be discussed with a registered health professional who will prescribe medication if they agree that it might be a good route for you.

Weight Loss Devices

If you’re struggling to lose weight by other conventional means, but don’t wish to undergo bariatric surgery, your doctor might consider the use of weight-loss devices such as an electrical stimulation system, a gastric balloon system or an emptying system.

Each of these devices works in a different way to assist with weight loss, but each of them involves some sort of surgical procedure to insert different devices into your abdomen.

These devices are all relatively new medical treatments and do not yet have thorough research to evidence their effectiveness, but you can discuss them as potential options with your doctor.

Habit And Dietary Changes

Of course, the simplest and most cost-effective way to lose weight is through changing your lifestyle habits and your diet. A healthy weight loss diet paired with healthy lifestyle changes such as good sleep and regular exercise should be your first course of action when attempting to lose weight.

It is only after trying these traditional means of weight loss that one should consider more extreme and serious methods of intervention. Keep in mind that sticking to a diet and exercise plan can be difficult and might take a long time to see results, but you may be able to overcome your obesity without other treatment.

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