Smoovall Anti-Chafe Skin Contact Spray Review

Have you ever been in a position where your thighs feel so hot and sweaty they start to rub against one another? Come on I bet you have, there aren’t many of us women who choose thigh gaps over cake. And the sweat’s bad enough when you’re just going about your business on the daily commute let alone if you throw exercise into the mix as well!

And sure you could try slathering your legs in handfuls of Vaseline, or maybe you could squeeze yourself into some Lycra shorts and make yourself feel even hotter, or perhaps you could borrow some of your nan’s talc, or better still you could try giving the new anti chafe skin contact spray from Smoovall a go.

Unlike other anti chafe products Smoovall isn’t greasy, doesn’t leave a weird residue, doesn’t stain and it’s got a nice refreshing peachy scent to it to – come on, no grown up adult needs to be stinking of Sudocreme! It comes in an 80ml spray can that looks a bit like a body spray, so you could totally pop it in your handbag or gym kit and no one would be any the wiser. At £12.99 a can let’s be honest it’s not exactly the cheapest solution, but you should be able to get roughly 30 applications out of it (depending on where you’re putting it of course), which works out as either a can a month if you’re using it every day or you might be able to stretch it out to two months should you decide to keep it for use when you’re cycling or running.

Now I’d like to tell you I’ve tried this out whilst undertaking some epic long distance race, but that would be a big fat lie and I wouldn’t do that to you all. However, as someone who does suffer from a bit of thigh chafage when wearing a skirt whilst doing the school run in the kind of weather we’ve been having recently I can at least give you my opinion on how well it works with that!

Back when I lived in London and I used to have to catch the tube to get to work, hot days on that underground train were hell. Stuffy, smelly, packed to the rafters with hot sweaty bodies – it was gross. And on the days I wore a skirt to work, it was so hot it was literally as though I’d pissed myself. There’d be hot trickles of sweat running down my thighs and dripping down to join the other thousands of sweat droplets amassing on the floor from other melting commuters. I’d stand there feeling completely embarrassed and ashamed of myself for being so disgusting and of course I wouldn’t have dreamt of ever discussing it with anyone I knew, because well sweaty thighs just ain’t ladylike is it.

Now, well now I’m about 20 years older, a whole lot wiser and full of way more couldn’t give a toss attitude to even give thigh sweat a second thought. Yep I get it from time to time, yep it feels uncomfortable and yep it sometimes results in a cheeky sweaty bum angel left on the seat, but hey what’s a gal to do!?!

So I gave Smoovall a go from a normal sweaty girl’s perspective and ladies… it works. Now I’m not advocating spraying it round your nether regions to stop the sweat angels mentioned above, but it sure as hell works a treat between the thighs. Easy to spray on one handed, dries in roughly 30 seconds, isn’t sticky, you can’t see it and it feels all sort of glossy like you’re wearing thin tights. I guess it works a bit like deodorant, in fact maybe deodorant would work just as well, in that it forms an invisible layer that helps keep the sweat under control and allows anything that comes into contact with the skin to kind of just glide over it. And I’m happy to report that there was no chafing, no dripping sweat and no inappropriate moist moments. All in all a huge success.

The main reason I haven’t tried it out when running is simply because I don’t run in shorts and I’m so tightly packed into my Lycra leggings there’s not a hope in hell of any chafing or sweating going on down there. But having tried it out on the school run in a skirt I really do reckon it could be the answer to your chafing problems, it’s certainly worth a go.

Running, cycling, walking, indeed anything that may cause friction with movement can be blinkin’ painful and uncomfortable during the summer months. To find out more ways to help you combat chafing in the hot weather read my article – How To Prevent Chafing When Exercising In Hot Weather.

*product gifted for review

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