Survey Reveals Which Generation Is Most Dependent On Masturbation For Sleep

A recent survey by Sleepline has revealed that Generation Z (the newest generation – those aged between 4-24 years) and Millennials (those aged 23 to 38) are most likely to report dependency on masturbation in order to get to sleep.

The masturbation sleep survey was carried out in February 2020 and polled a total of 1103 Americans of all ages, genders and races. While only 6.57% of Generation X (those aged between 40-54 years old) reported masturbation dependency to fall asleep, 25.76% of gen Z and 25% of Millennials were found dependent.

How Can Masturbation Help With Sleep?

Research has found that masturbation can help people to both fall asleep and wake up feeling more alert and energised in the morning. The brain chemicals that are released during an orgasm include the “feel-good” chemicals serotonin and oxytocin, which have stress-reduction and relaxation effects on the body. They’re also linked to the release of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleeping habits.

Another hormone that is released during an orgasm is norepinephrine, which helps the body to respond to stress and exercise. Norepinephrine is also thought to be essential for causing you to wake up by its involvement in arousal from sleep. In full, this means that not only can masturbation help you fall into a deeper slumber, it’s also thought to get you out of bed faster in the morning.

What Else Did The Study Report?

Sleepline’s sleep study also looked at whether study participants masturbated before they fell asleep or after they woke up. The Generation Z respondents masturbated 72.73% before sleep, 8.33% after waking up, while the Millennials masturbated 66.15% before sleep, 13.93% after waking up. Of the Gen X respondents, 58.9% masturbated before sleep, and 17.68% after waking up. This showed that Gen Z and Millennial respondents were more likely to use masturbation to aid sleep.

Additionally, the study looked at whether respondents watched porn before they slept. 86.36% of gen Z respondents said they did, as did 71.35% of millennials and 50.51% gen x-ers. With an overall porn-watching percentage of 69.36%, this showed that both gen z and millennial respondents watched porn at an above-average level before sleep.

Everyone has a different masturbation routine, but no matter how often a person does it, there are many positive effects that come from it. It’s not known entirely why people prefer to masturbate before bed – perhaps simply out of convenience, as the bed is a place of privacy. But masturbating before sleep clearly has its benefits – it’s just a question of when a person may become too dependent on masturbation for sleep.

The Benefits Of Masturbation

There are a number of other masturbation benefits aside from helping us to sleep better. Research suggests that the hormones released by masturbation can reduce stress and release tension, elevate mood, alleviate pain, and even boost concentration.

Masturbation is also thought to boost sexual health by encouraging self-intimacy, reducing unplanned pregnancies, and preventing the spread of STIs.

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