Taking Care Of A Dog With Arthritis: 7 Expert Tips

We all want to ensure that our dogs feel at their best every day. However, sometimes they may experience health problems, which can make it difficult for them to perform some everyday activities. For example, arthritis is a long-lasting inflammatory disease that causes stiff and painful joints. As a result, your pet might struggle to get up or move around. While arthritis affects senior dogs the most, it can also be seen in younger pets, especially if they have recently suffered an injury. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to take care of a dog with arthritis. Today we will share seven expert tips that you can use to make your pet feel better.

Feed Them A Healthy Diet

It’s important to provide your pet with a healthy and balanced diet, particularly if they are overweight, as this can put a strain on their joints. Make sure you find the right specialist diet for your dog, which will ensure that they can get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to manage their symptoms and relieve pain. For example, you may want to incorporate antioxidants into their diet so that you can help them defend cells from damage. Speak to your vet for more information on how to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Find The Right Joint Supplements

Apart from a healthy diet, you should also look for joint supplements to help manage your pet’s arthritis pain. It can be beneficial to look for the best joint supplements for dogs on the market. Native Pet can help you find the right joint supplements for your dog, which can also be useful for general joint health management. Moreover, if you are wondering what you should look out for when browsing the shelves, Native Pet can provide you with more information and guidance on what to consider when choosing joint supplements.

Keep Your Pet Moving

Although encouraging your dog to keep moving might be more difficult right now, it can still be a good idea to ask your vet to recommend activities that you can incorporate into your dog’s routine. For example, you may want to include a few regular and controlled walks to make your pet more comfortable. A sudden increase in physical activity can only make them feel stiffer. Make sure you allow them to run and walk for some time, but don’t let them jump or chase balls. This will help your dog’s muscles stay strong.

Get A Comfortable Bed For Your Pet

Comfort is key when looking after a dog with arthritis, so one of the most important things you will need to do is find a comfortable bed for your dog. For example, it’s often recommended to get a specialist memory foam bed, which is designed to reduce the amount of pressure that your pet would feel. This means that they will be able to rest and sleep more comfortably. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to give them a choice between a few comfortable beds, such as an enclosed bed or a flat mattress.

Support Your Pet

You should look for various ways to support your pet around the house. For example, it can be helpful to cover slippery floors by using rugs, carpets, and anti-slip mats. As dogs with arthritis have weaker muscles, this means that they are more likely to slip and struggle to get up. It’s best to cover as many surfaces as possible, but if you can’t cover your entire property, focus on the parts where your pet tends to spend the most time. Also, you can provide them with extra support and stability by getting a supportive harness.

Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Another great way to reduce the pressure on your dog’s paws is to keep their nails trim. Make sure you cut them regularly and check that they aren’t growing too long. As you walk your dog, hard surfaces should wear down their nails naturally, but that might not happen, especially if they often walk on softer surfaces. To check if your dog’s nails aren’t too long, try holding your dog’s paw flat on the palm of your hand and see if the nails touch your hand. If you need help with cutting your dog’s nails, you may want to consult your local vet to find the best technique for you.

Ensure Your Dog Is Warm

Heat can help you soothe your dog’s painful joints, and it may also provide your pet with extra comfort. You may want to place a heat pad under your dog’s bed, especially on colder days to keep them cozy and warm. If you have been out in the rain, make sure you dry your dog as soon as possible. It’s important to check that they are not feeling too hot or cold. The weather can have a significant impact on the severity of their pain, so you should always encourage them to lie somewhere warmer.

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