Teenage Diary 19th – 25th March 1994

This week I’ve been thinking about what my teenage self would make of this whole quarantine and virus thing. I reckon she’d be proper miffed at not being able to see her friends and at having to be stuck inside with her family… pretty much what I’m guessing most teenagers are feeling about the situation today. Times change but teenagers more or less remain the same right?

This week in 1994 it’s all about my time on the enrichment weekend – basically a weekend for the brainy kids to do extra activities with other schools (I was a bit of a geek back then!) – and my struggles to get the work experience I actually wanted to do. Reading it back, I’m surprised at how determined I was, a quality I wish I had more of now. Perhaps I could learn a thing or to from my teenage self…

Saturday 19th March

We had to get up at 8.00 for breakfast but I was awake by 6.10. We went to CTC to do TV Studio, which I suppose was OK, but it was a bit technical. James was doing it though. Then in the afternoon when we were supposed to be doing Languages we did Thrifty Fifty because there was only 3 people for Languages. It was quite fun even though me and Deborah came 3rd out of 4. In the evening we went swimming at Devizes. It was quite embarrassing as my swimming costume’s really crap compared to everyone else’s. We were playing catch, girls against boys and it was getting quite touchy.

Sunday 20th March

I’m so knackered after swimming last night. I can’t believe it’s the last day. We had our photo taken and we’re all going to be given one so I’ll always have James in my mind even if I don’t in person. Creative Writing was really good. We were writing poems about various objects and then the teacher is going to print everyone’s and put them into a book and give us a copy. The teacher told me I’ve got a way with words. James was doing Creative Writing and he was sat next to me and we were actually having quite a chat. The thing is if I’m telling the truth no one really made the effort to make new friends. It was a case of hanging around with your own school.

Monday 21st March

I feel really organised and I reckon if I’d been given 10 homeworks all to be done tonight I would have completed all of them. We found out that this boy we phoned up for Sheila is some tall, skinny, ginger haired, buck toothed named Daniel Bedwell. Not at all the hunk I imagined. I really can’t wait for the photograph from the enrichment weekend to be developed and given to me because then I’ll always have a memory of James, and I suppose Daniel was OK even though he did look like a cross between Chuck and Timothy. I have to go and see Mr Beswick about work experience. God knows where I’ve been put.

Tuesday 22nd March

I’m probably going skiing for activities week so that should be quite good. Mr Beswick can’t get any journalistic places for me for work experience so I’ve done my own phoning around and hopefully I’ll get a place at Reading Evening advertiser where Uncle Ray works. Otherwise I’ll phone up Radio 210 or some various media jobs in our area. I’m determined to get something that I want just to piss Beswick off. The school just don’t try hard enough. The thing is I’ve got to get the school’s permission before I can go there. I’ve been given an address of an American boy for English so we have to write to them. He’s 18. I hope he’s good looking.

Wednesday 23rd March

I’m going to France for activities week instead of skiing now, I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to go to France. It’s only for one day, but who cares, I’m still going. Dad says we might be getting a Macintosh computer with colour monitor and colour printer. Me and A have to put some money towards it, but if we get it it means I’ll be able to do most of my coursework on it. I’m going to be going to the Tate gallery for Art in April. I just hope Percy goes because he may just end up talking to me. I don’t think I’ll ever get a boyfriend, I’m not attractive or outgoing enough for anyone to fancy me. It makes me feel really low at times, but what can I do!

Thursday 24th March

2 weeks of pure holiday, what heaven. I spent most of my lunchtime with Percy listening to CDs. He said he’d ring me so that we could go and see a film and he said I could borrow his video The Commitments. That’s one of Howard’s favourite films. I hope he doesn’t forget to ring me because I’d probably end up going to the cinema alone with him because Sheila doesn’t really like him and I’m not too sure about whether he likes her or not. Take That were on Top of the Pops singing ‘Everything Changes’ and I’m sorry but it’s the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen. Robbie sang really badly out of tune and what they were wearing was just so foul.

Friday 25th March

I set out attempting to get all my homework done, but only ended up getting two completed so I’ve got five left to do. My Take That fan club membership runs out on the last day of March. I received a letter today to renew it for £7.64. I’ll send it off tomorrow. I was delivering some kitchen rolls to a house this morning and this old man answered the door. He was really nice and friendly. He gave me a pound to buy myself an Easter egg. I thought it was really sweet. There’s a competition on Live and Kicking tomorrow where you can spend a day on TV with the likes of Take That. I’ll enter but I know I won’t win. I never win these things.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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