The 3 Best Remedies For A Really Bad Hangover

When you are having fun on a night out, it’s hard to resist just one more of your favorite drinks. The problem is that the next day you’re going to wish that you had kept yourself under control. It may have been fun last night but it’s not fun anymore. And if you have to work then you’ll need to rebound quickly.

Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of that hangover quickly. There are some questionable remedies out there so it’s best to stick with well known and natural ones when you can. In this article, we will go over several remedies that you can try to bounce back quickly from your hangover.

1. IV Therapy

One problem with homeopathic remedies for hangovers is that they can take a while to kick in. This leaves you with the effects of a hangover even when you are trying to get back to normal quickly.

A great way to bypass the time it takes is to use IV therapy in Kansas City since it takes a fraction of the time for it to work. The reason is that it goes right into your bloodstream so there is no wait for the treatment to be processed by the body. The IV is mainly the same vitamins that you would take to get rid of a hangover but now they don’t need to dissolve in the stomach and then get absorbed through the digestive system.

An IV bag for hangover can significantly reduce the time it takes to feel normal again by up to 50%, providing rapid relief through immediate hydration and replenishment. One of the causes of the hangover is the fact that your body needs a lot of specific nutrients to recover. The IV drip will provide this in addition to the vitamin mix. You’ll also rehydrate more quickly. If you’re risking missing work due to your hangover then this rapid recovery will help you get back to work on time.

Nowadays you can easily take your IV treatment right at your home. And whatever state you are in, you will have a great chance to get your therapy. For example, if you are living in Texas, you can try mobile IV therapy in Dallas, which can help you hydrate your body quickly and get back soon, so you’ll be ready to continue your working day.

2. Get Sweaty

There are a lot of toxins in your system due to the excess alcohol. A good way to help your body detox is to get a good sweat going. You have a couple of choices when it comes to working up a good sweat. You can hit the gym and work out. Or you can hit the sauna.

The first option is going to take a lot of energy and stamina that you probably don’t have. The second is great because you just sit in the sauna room and let the heat do its work. In Russia and other Slavic nations, the sauna has been used as a hangover cure for hundreds of years.

3. Eat Right

Getting essential nutrients and vitamins is the best thing that you can do. If you don’t opt for an IV therapy session then get them by eating the right foods. For instance, bananas have loads of potassium which is important to get electrolytes back into your system. Other sources are sweet potatoes and other fruits.

Fruits are also great since they contain fructose that helps break down the alcohol in your system.

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