The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

We all live hectic lives, often rushing through our day the same way we tackle our to-do list but no matter how busy you are, it’s still important to take time out for hobbies and interests.

Many hobbies bring huge benefits to our lives, like music, for example. Listening to music can not only improve our productivity and motivation but also alter our mood. Playing a musical instrument also offers many benefits and, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the main advantages of playing an instrument.

It Reduces Stress

Listening to music has been shown to lower stress levels. The act of focusing on playing an instrument can also take your mind away from other stressors or troubles in your life and can be used as a form of self-care.

It Boosts Creativity

Music is art, which means it’s a great way to explore your creativity. If you’re composing your own piece of music or writing a song, then this may seem obvious but even if you’re learning or practising a piece written by someone else, you’re still using the creative parts of your brain in deciding how you play it and where you inject emotion, for example.

It Increases Your Brain Power

Playing an instrument uses almost every part of your brain and research has even shown more grey matter in the brains of musicians compared to non-musicians.

Playing a musical instrument has also been linked to a higher IQ, greater academic achievement, improved recall and greater reaction times. All excellent reasons to pick up that instrument and get playing!

It Improves Memory

Playing an instrument can also enhance your memory. Research has shown that children who play an instrument have a better attention span and memory than those who don’t and that playing music can also reduce the symptoms of conditions such as dementia – even if the person only started to play the instrument as an adult.

It Improves Your Social Life

If you join a musical group, orchestra or band then you’ll meet new people and may form new friendships based on your love of music. Playing an instrument can also improve your social life if you decide to perform at concerts, gigs or open-mic nights. Not only will you have a busier social calendar but you’ll also get the buzz from performing live and the opportunity to connect with your audience and other performers. Don’t forget to take out musical instrument insurance to protect your instrument and ensure it’s covered before you take it along to any performances.

It Builds Confidence

Learning a new skill is great for boosting your confidence. Mastering a piece after weeks or months of practice is a feeling like no other and sharing your skill with others can boost your self-esteem even further.

It’s Fun!

One of the best reasons to do anything – including play a musical instrument – is that it’s fun! Even if you never quite master that tricky piece or you don’t want to set foot on a stage, picking up an instrument just for fun, because you enjoy it, is a good enough reason to play in itself.

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