The Secret To Turning Your Home Into A Luxury Wellness Retreat

Most of us have been spending more time in our homes over the past year (yeah thanks for that coronavirus) to the point that we’re starting to get a bit fed up of staring at the same four walls day in day out. What was once our sanctuary has fast become our prison. However, it needn’t be like that.

In this article we’re going to explore some of the ways you can transform your home into a luxury wellness retreat, so that you can once again enjoy everything your wonderful home has to offer.

How Will You Finance It?

OK first things first, let’s work out what kind of budget you’ve got to play around with, as the last thing you want to do is stretch beyond your means and get yourself into all kinds of debt. That being said, there’s nothing wrong in looking into remortgaging your house if you intend to do large scale renovations, as this could be a way to improve the price of your home in future, so think of it is as an investment. There is plenty of information available online from places such as Mortgage Guys that will help you with your research.

Once you’ve sorted out your budget, it will make it a lot easier to compile a list of what you’d like to do, or the items you’d like to buy to enhance your living space. Sometimes all it takes is a few new home accessories and a fresh lick of paint to create a completely different look to your home.

Create The Perfect Environment

Go to any spa and you’ll notice that there is focus on all five of the senses (touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight) and so your home should be no different.

To help you to create the perfect environment at home try these ideas:

  • Touch – For a really luxurious feel try mix and matching different textures together. Soft fluffy cushions, natural rugs, hard sustainable flooring all help to give a layered and multi sensory feel, which adds much needed interest to our homes. Another thing to think about is how you heat or cool your home, so that it feels comfortable all year round. If you live in a hot country, it could be worthwhile for you to invest in air conditioning from somewhere like, and likewise if you live in a colder country make sure your home is kitted out with the most efficient heating system to keep those energy bills down too.
  • Smell – Aromatherapy diffusers placed around the home will help to create different moods. Choose something like lavender for in the bedroom to help with sleep, and something light and fresh like lemon or eucalyptus for in the bathroom.
  • Taste – While you can’t exactly go round eating your home, you can grow your own vegetables and herbs, which will not only taste great, but also smell and look incredible too.
  • Sound – If space allows, why not add a cinema room to your home, for the perfect unwind after a hard days work. Kit it out with the best surround sound speakers and don’t forget the soundproof walls!
  • Sight – If your house overlooks some amazing scenery, such as the beach, fields, a forest, or it has a good view of the sunset, you should totally make the most of this and create spaces around it. Think about adding different windows or doors to your property that open up this scenic vista even more so. Bifold doors are great for inviting the outside in, or if you really want to go full on luxe and you have the space for it have some incredible glass elevators that will take your interiors game next level.

Create A Room You Can Escape To

It’s really important to have a space that is entirely yours, that you can escape from the world, and that makes you feel relaxed and restored when you spend time in it. Where we’ve been spending more time cooped up with our nearest and dearest it’s inevitable that at times tempers may have become a little frayed. Being able to spend some time in your own company, without interruption, will benefit everybody, not just you.

Fill it with all of the things that make you happy, from home accessories and furniture, to books and artwork you love, and photos of your loved ones and the adventures you have had together. For many of us, our homes have also become our places of work, and so it is more important than ever to draw a distinction between the two and create a space that you can switch off in.

It’s about time we all learned how to fall in love with our homes again and hopefully these tips will help you to do so.

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