The Take That Years: My Monthly 1993 Teenage Diary – February

Let me take you back to February 1993, a time when it was acceptable (apparently) to use the word ‘rad’, when (apparently) purple jeans and dungarees were fashionable and when Take That were my life.

My monthly 1993 teenage diary for February sees me spending more time sleeping over at my best friends house than my own, becoming increasingly obsessed over the postal system, and I can’t even begin to explain how dodgy February 28th sounds!!

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Monday 1st February

I read in the newspaper that a fan gave Mark Owen a black eye. The bitch! My poor baby. Changed my calendar, now I’ve got Gary peering down at me instead of Robbie. My dungarees and dress came. The dungarees are rad but the dress is aggie and too big so that can go back. I’ll buy some purple jeans instead, probably.

Tuesday 2nd February

Went to Sheila’s today. She asked me at school so I had to phone mum on the pay phone at school to ask her permission. Posted my competition entry. NO CHANCE of winning. Sheila’s getting fed up of all the pratty boys fancying her, like Timothy and Wilfred. They’re great as friends, but nothing more.

Wednesday 3rd February

PERIOD! Entered a competition by phone today to win a Valentine’s card wrote by Mark. A went away for one night to Brayside in Devizes. Got hit on the bridge of the nose by a basketball on the rebound. It really hurt. I bought Just 17 and Smash Hits which had quite a lot of stuff on Take That.

Thursday 4th February

I got a Valentine’s card through the post from all of Take That. I’m so happy. Some more news on my whale adoption also came. I hope everyone goes to youth club tomorrow because I want to wear my new dungarees and shoes. At the weekend I’m staying over Sheila’s so that will be fun.

Friday 5th February

Youth club wasn’t on so I went to Winnie’s with Sheila to see Chaz. Sheila told me I was her best friend. I haven’t had a best friend for ages. Tomorrow we’re going into Malmesbury to buy a Valentine’s card for Howard and Mark with a letter and lucky troll. I hope they like them and love them.

Saturday 6th February

Phone the Take That phone line where a recorded message of all the boys talks to you. It is so lush, you feel as though you actually know them in person. Me and Sheila have also sent Mark and Howard a Valentine’s card and for more info on the fan club with a stamped addressed envelope. On the phone line they said something about going on tour in July. If it’s when we go to Germany I’m gonna cancel. I’m determined to meet them.

Sunday 7th February

I’m not allowed to cancel so if Take That tour while I’m in Germany I will just die. There’s no chance that I’ve won the competition, they would have got in touch by now, I’m so depressed. Sheila taped the messages off of the Take That phone line and I’m taping it off her. We’re taking it into school so we can listen to it tomorrow. Getting the CD single tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Monday 8th February

Why Can’t I Wake Up With You single coming out today. I bought the CD single and limited edition 7″ LP. In the CD there was something which you can send off so that will be in the post tomorrow. I’ve attempted to draw a picture of Mark but I haven’t finished. Today has been so cool.

Tuesday 9th February

Sheila’s sent something off and she says if she gets a reply it will change our lives but she won’t tell me. Mr Hutt read out my English story. He said it was excellent and afterwards everyone came up to me and said how good it was. Petunia was mildly jealous. Spoke to Sheila on the phone for an hour!

Wednesday 10th February

Got no Valentine’s cards, because it’s the start of half term at school we had an early Valentine’s day. Mind you that was predictable. A got two and I’m so jealous. Tomorrow Sheila’s coming and she’s staying the night. We’re either helping at the playgroup or going over Winnie’s to see Chaz.

Thursday 11th February

Went to playgroup with Sheila for about 3 hours. It was really good even though I got sat on and fought over who sat next to me. I felt famous. After playgroup we all went over to Geraldine’s for lunch, Poppy joined us. We played on Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck on Stuart and Graham’s Megadrive, I held Chaz, he’s so cute. I’m sat in bed with Sheila on the put me up bed. Tomorrow I’m staying the night at her house.

Friday 12th February

Stayed at Sheila’s for the night. Take That were on The Big Breakfast for the last time, they were reviewing underwear. It was so lush, especially Mark’s because his were rather tight and revealed a large lump. I’ve wrote a letter to Mark and I’ll send it off tomorrow, hopefully he’ll reply. Today’s the day two cows get to meet Take That. It makes me sad thinking it could have been me and Sheila.

Saturday 13th February

Sheila received her info about Take That fan club. I didn’t and we sent them off in the same envelope, I’m so upset. Posted letter to Mark and entered a Going Live comp to win prizes on Take That. I’ve got to video the Chart Show on Tuesday because it gives a list of Take That’s tour dates. I better be allowed to go. UPDATE – Sheila’s mum is buying both me and Sheila tickets for Take That concert on 23rd July. I’m so happy!

Sunday 14th February

VALENTINE’S DAY. As I said yesterday, Sheila’s cousin is getting two Take That tickets on Monday for me and Sheila as Sheila’s birthday treat. Her mum is paying for both. It will be on the 23rd July in Birmingham. I hope they haven’t run out. Take That were on the Disney Club and Radio 1 today, next Sunday they are on the Ozone. I hope I get some post tomorrow, I’ll be well upset if I don’t.

Monday 15th February

I did get some post, but it wasn’t what I wanted. It was just a postcard from Cosmetics To Go. Take That are on It’s Not everyday this week. I entered the competition they set to win their platinum disk. I’m waiting for so many things in the post it’s unbelievable. I’m really missing Sheila because I’ve got nothing to do. I hope Sheila’s cousin managed to get the concert tickets and that they’re good positions.

Tuesday 16th February

No Post! Take That were on Good Morning. Well it wasn’t live because they’re in America, but it was brilliant anyway. Today’s been pretty boring. Stayed at home while mum, dad and A went to Bath. Sheila’s in Italy probably skiing herself to death and the most exciting thing I’m doing is waiting for post each morning.

Wednesday 17th February

Take That won best single Could It Be Magic on the Brit Awards. No post again. Went into Chippenham to buy dad’s birthday present. We all put our money together to buy him a leather sports bag. I bought Smash Hits and Just Seventeen and got some library books. Howard was on It’s Not. Yesterday Jason was on. I hope Mark is on tomorrow.

Thursday 18th February

Mark was on today doing a news broadcast with MC toilet paper. His hair was all slicked back, yeuch! He said that all of them were touring in November for 20 days as well as in July for 5 days. I went food shopping. I bought TV Hits which had interviews with Take That and a poster. Take That are touring in America for 3 months. Oh no.

Friday 19th February

The results of the Take That comp on It’s Not were drawn. I didn’t win surprise surprise. No post surprise surprise. Went bowling in Bristol with dad’s work mates who’re entertaining some Chinese, they came as well. It was so boring. And now I’ve got a headache. It was a great place though. Would be really neat to hang out there with my friends. Not Chinese people and parents!

Saturday 20th February

No post! I didn’t win the Going Live Take That competition. I’m not surprised though. Aunty Karen says she’s got a booklet and poster on Take That for me and if it’s the one I think it is then I can’t wait till I get it. Sheila comes back from Italy tomorrow afternoon. I hope she phones me, but I doubt it, she’ll be tired.

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Sunday 21st February

Take That were on the Ozone. It said the tickets for the tour in July had all been sold out. I just hope Sheila’s cousin managed to get them, I have my doubts though. It’s school tomorrow and to tell you the truth I’m looking forward to it. This half term has been so boring. I’m doing exercises everyday because I’ve put on so much weight. I don’t want to be FAT!

Monday 22nd February

Sheila has got the tickets! She phoned me yesterday three times when she’d got back from Italy. Got a catalogue from CTG through the post. I’ll probably order something for mum for Mothers Day from there. The Take That phone line changes today. I hope tomorrow Sheila will record it for me. I feel like such a scav but I know mum wouldn’t let me and I haven’t got anything to record with anyway!

Tuesday 23rd February

Went to Sheila’s today. The message on the phone line hasn’t changed. I’m saving all my money apart from presents so that I can buy lots at the NEC Birmingham. I got 10 out of 15 in a french test and I was really pleased about that. I could’ve done worse I suppose. I got my squid and my reconditioning tangle conditioner.

Wednesday 24th February

I’m ordering from CTG mum’s Mother’s Day present worth £4.50. She’ll get Major Problems, Bombastic, Happy Hippy Hair and Body Shampoo. So that should come through the post next week sometime. Played hockey today and have now got severe backache. Got the house with just A until about 11.30, mum and dad are going for a meal.

Thursday 25th February

Stayed up till 11.30 last night and I’m totally knackered because of having to get up at 6.30 for a bath this morning. Parents evening, but my appointments are fairly late so I don’t know what my teachers will say about me yet. Percy broke my ruler. He is such a tosser. I hate him!

Friday 26th February

Today Sheila stayed the night and tomorrow we’re going into Chippenham and then spending the night at her house. I’m spending only 3 pounds on Mary for her birthday. I don;t know whether I feel guilty or not! I got really good marks for parents evening especially for Science. He said I could get a grade C if I took my GCSE’S now. My maths I have to work harder at though.

Saturday 27th February

Today I stayed over at Sheila’s and we went into Chippenham. I bought Mary’s present, 3 cards, sweets, massage oil, bubble bath, witchstick, and a little dummy. In the evening we went to The Tasty for a meal and there was this really luscious waiter called Darren. I sat on the outside and when he lent over the table he was also leaning over me. Sheila also liked him and now we feel guilty towards Howard and Mark. Darren was really nice though.

Sunday 28th February

Went ice skating with Sheila at the Link Centre in Swindon. Now I’ve got a blister. One Friday we’re going to take her to play Quasar. We went to a Chinese restaurant in Bath to celebrate dad’s birthday. It wasn’t as good as The Tasty maybe that’s because the waiters weren’t as nice. There weren’t any thuggies at the ice rink. It’s so ace looking for them. Last night me and Sheila gave each other a massage. I had to keep my pants on because I had my period. It was really relaxing. We went to sleep at quarter to three and now I’m totally knackered.

Blimey! Despite it sounding like a vanilla teenage version of Fifty Shades of Grey I can assure you it was all completely innocent. We just bloody loved massages. Thank god I had my period!



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*Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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