These 9 Life Lessons Will Prepare Your Teen For The Real World

The teenage years are among the most challenging times for any parent. Nevertheless, this transitionary period presents a unique opportunity to prepare them for adulthood. Here are nine life lessons you can teach your teen to ensure they thrive despite the rigors of the real world.

1. You’re Responsible For What You Say And Do 

The closer one approaches adulthood, the greater the importance of following through on what they say and understanding the consequences of what they do.

This lesson teaches them to be more mindful of their conduct and promises, as mistakes are considerably harder to correct at this stage. It also teaches them to consider how their actions affect others around them.

2. Don’t Use Social Media As A Crutch 

About 75% of U.S. teenagers actively use social media. While that’s not necessarily bad, it makes you wonder what they’re doing on there. Unfortunately, most platforms have become a crutch that people use to escape reality. They seek validation from strangers who know nothing about what they’re going through.

This disconnect between reality and expectation can have adverse mental health effects. It’s little wonder teenagers who spend the most time on social media have a significantly higher rate of depression.

3. Acquire Essential Skills Now

Swimming, cooking, cleaning, survival, basic etiquette, financial management — there’s no shortage of essential life skills your teenager must acquire before slugging it out in the real world. Teach them as many as you can while they’re still under your roof. The earlier they learn, the better it is for their confidence and capability.

4. Reckless Behavior Is Too Costly

Younger adults are more likely to engage in frivolous or reckless pursuits, but the repercussions can be unforgiving. For instance, teenage drivers are three times more likely to be involved in fatal road accidents.

Over the years, many teens have ended up behind bars or heavily indebted due to ill-thought-out and dangerous pranks. They can never recover that wasted time that will likely impact their future.

5. Humility Will Open Doors Talent Cannot 

The quality of being humble is underrated, yet it’s something great people possess. It teaches you to accept that you don’t know everything, making you open to learning from the unlikeliest sources.

It also helps maintain personal relationships and encourage self-reflection — an important trait to acquire early on in life.

6. Know What To Do In Legal Situations

Scenarios involving police, courts or other legal issues are tough to navigate as adults. Learning what to do in such situations as a teenager is key to preventing headaches later in life. Teach them the basics of protecting their rights and standing up for themselves, even during routine traffic stops and search requests.

7. Don’t Make A Habit Of Fretting About Things Outside Your Control

It’s common practice for teenagers and young adults to rant about things they disagree with to strangers on the internet. Let your teen understand complaints without action will just make them feel worse, especially when they involve issues beyond their control. They’ll be much better off for it when they get older.

8. Ensure You Have A Variety Of Knowledge 

Ask most teens about their favorite celebrities and they could go on for hours. However, ask them basic geography questions and you’ll likely be met with an awkward laugh or prolonged silence. As much as they may think school is a drag, those classes will give them the foundations for success in whatever career they choose.

Worse, celebrity worship has been linked to a host of mental health issues, including depression, impaired social skills and compulsive materialism. While there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about someone famous, recommend they also spend time exploring subjects that enrich their knowledge of the world.

9. Learn To Laugh At Yourself

Being offended at every little thing will only make you more miserable. Teach your teen the importance of having a sense of humor to help them navigate awkward situations. Humor guards against depression and improves people’s overall quality of life.

It’s also essential for successful relationships. In a study that ran six tests, most people favored a partner with a sense of humor because they’re likely better at creative problem-solving.

Prepare Your Teen For The Real World

Sooner or later, your teen will face the realities of adulting. There’s no better time than now to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Use these life lessons as a starting point and throw in some teachable moments from your personal experiences. They’ll thank you for it when they use the knowledge to navigate real-world challenges.

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