Things You Haven’t Considered About Your Baby On The Way

There’s nothing more stressful than when you have a baby on the way, and it’s hard to know if you’ve covered all of the bases. There’s so much to think about, so much to prepare for, expecting you to be fully ready is unrealistic. While there’s only so much you can be ready for, it’s important to make sure you’re not caught out in a time of need. Caring for your baby’s health is one of your top priorities, and you’ll want to know how to do that safely, without causing them any harm. Newborns are fragile, and you can’t expect to be able to treat them like you would a growing child or an adult.

Keeping The Baby Clean

When it comes to bathing your baby, you have to be considerate of their vulnerability to all of the elements and chemicals that you’re used to. Everything is a new experience for them, and their skin hasn’t adjusted to the exposure of all these different things. Bathing a newborn is simple if you know how, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right supplies beforehand. Which is one thing you should sort out before you bring them home, as your time will be very limited once they arrive!

Childproofing Your Home

While you may have considered the obvious childproofing methods, there’s a lot in your home that can be dangerous to a baby. You’re going to be spending a lot of your time watching your baby, if not all of it until they are a bit older, but even then are they a danger to themselves. You may have considered putting up a gate over the stairs and certain rooms, but anything in your home can be dangerous when you’re a baby.

You’ll want to make sure nothing can fall down when pulled, all sharp edges at a low height, and cupboards are inaccessible. They’re not superhuman, but you’d be surprised how much you can miss when you turn away for just a moment. It’s in their nature to be curious about the world around them, but you need to make sure that they cannot harm themselves while they learn. There are soft edge caps you can buy to put on sharp-edged furniture, and there are child locks you can put on cupboards to make them only accessible by you.

Expectations Of Your Time

You should consider that there are some things you should make sure you’ve done before the baby arrives, as when they are there, you’re going to have a lot less time to do what you want. Maybe you’re thinking you’ve got time to get things done while they’re sleeping, but you never know how long that lasts! Not only that but when it comes to going out with the baby, even if it’s for a short trip – you’ll want to have everything you need while you’re gone just in case! That changes through the years, but you’re going to need to expect to give up that much of your time when you first bring them home.

Figuring Out What They Need Can Be A Nightmare

This one might be obvious, but understanding your baby’s needs is completely on you. They cannot communicate what they need, nor do they understand what they need. Even if you know they need something, they’re not always going to co-operate with you. It can even be difficult to get them to eat when they’re hungry. A baby crying can mean anything, and sometimes it’s going to be hard work to get them to stop. Only you can know what your baby needs, so you need to become a mindreader for them.

It’s Going To Take A Toll On Your Emotions

Parenting is always going to be stressful, and there are going to be times where you’ll feel like you’re not capable of it. It’s natural to get to that point, and while it might make you feel awful, many parents go through that. As horrible as it sounds, some parents even feel regret about having a child, as they don’t feel they’re cut out for it – but it does get easier. All parents have to struggle through the earlier years of parenting, but you have to consider the good parts too.

While they might be difficult to handle, and while you might not be feeling rewarded for your efforts now, it will feel rewarding in time. You have to hang in there for both you, your partner, and your baby.

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