Thomas Fudge’s Flatbreads Review

Thomas Fudge's Flatbread laid out in a circle fanning out from the middle. The background is black and the packaging is placed to the right hand side.

I loves me a savoury snack I do and when I received an email asking whether I’d like to review some flatbreads from the Dorset bakery Thomas Fudge’s, who was I to say no. Man I have the best job in the world!

In a bid to eat a bit more healthily, I’m always on the look out for different snacking options that will tempt me away from the biscuit tin. As a full time blogger I spend a lot of time at home in front of my laptop and trust me, biscuits are the perfect procrastination tool. Great for getting me out of work and yep a chocolate hobnob sure is tasty, but my hips hate me right about now so these couldn’t have come at a better time!

Available in two different flavours: Cheddar & Shallot and Chickpea & Sesame, they taste pretty darned spectacular on their own, but even more amazing when they’re dipped, dunked or decorated in the perfect food accompaniments.

Cheddar & Shallot

Topped with melted cheddar and with a lovely golden yellow tinge, these flatbreads looks fancy enough to bring out at a dinner party but sit equally as well in a pimped up packed lunch. They have a bit of a peppery kick to them and you’re left with a warming tingle in your mouth after eating, but the cheese flavour isn’t too overpowering like some savoury cheesy snacks can be. They’re also not so dry that you can’t eat them on their own although to be honest if you have the option to dunk them in something tasty then why on earth wouldn’t you!

Perfect served as part of a cheese board with some chutneys and pickles on the side. These flatbreads would also work really well dunked in creamy tomato soup or even better broken into chunky pieces and scattered over a steaming hot bowl of French onion soup.

Chickpea & Sesame

Covered from top to toe in linseed, pumpkin, sesame, millet, poppy, and cumin seeds, you can’t really get much more seedy than that!  The seeds help give these a gorgeously quaint rustic look as though you’ve popped down to the local farmers market or boutique deli and paid a small fortune for them. Totally big on taste but at £1.89 for a 140g box it’s hardly gonna break the bank.

These flatbreads have quite a strong cumin taste to them and as such would work really well with Moroccan or Indian inspired dishes. They are slightly drier than the cheddar ones so in my opinion taste better when they have a dip to go with them. And with that in mind I created some delicious hummus recipes (see below) which go really well with the flatbreads aromatic flavours.

Both varieties of flatbreads have a satisfying snap to them and definitely fulfil the need for a crunchy bite. They’re versatile, look proper posh and most importantly they’re yummy!

If I didn’t like them so much, I’d be packing them up in my kids school lunchboxes for a bit of a change from their usual sandwiches. But when food tastes this good and looks this fancy I can’t help thinking I’ll save these little beauts for myself!

Thomas Fudges’s flatbreads are available from supermarkets at the RRP £1.89/140g box.

You can find my hummus recipes by clicking on the links below:

Smoked Aubergine Hummus Recipe

Carrot and Coriander Hummus Recipe

*product gifted for review

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  1. says: Ralph Linsley

    these flatbreads do not seem to be available anywere,are you still making them?, is there now a restricted outlet?. The perfect breakfast item for me,they are the only ones i can tolerate,that are made with chick peas instead of flour or wheat. They seemed to have disappeared from the shelves after covid struck.

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