Tips To Avoid The January Blues

As we move into January, you might be excited for the New Year’s Eve celebrations but not so excited for the January Blues that follow.If you’re living in a cold part of the world, then the January Blues are pretty normal for those who are trying to get reset after the festive season.

The problem with the January Blues is they can make you feel low on motivation and very tired, and the idea that you could just pick yourself up and carry on is pretty difficult. The festive season is all about the build-up and the excitement of the days, so it’s always natural to feel a little bit blue in January, knowing that there’s another festive season a whole year away. So let’s take a look at 10 tips that you can use to avoid the January Blues.

Make A Plan To Be More Active

Did you know that there is a Nike discount code of 25% right now? Getting more active doesn’t feel like something you might want to do right now because of the lack of motivation. But what if we told you that you don’t have to do it to keep fit? Getting some amazing brand wear like what you can buy from Nike in terms of trainers and clothing can get you out into nature and out for a walk. Sometimes taking a walk with a cup of insulated coffee is all you need. Being active isn’t all about getting fit and trying to tone your body, but just by getting moving in some way.

Try To Eat Well

You might not be able to enjoy the sunshine, but you can surely eat it. In terms of fruit and vegetables, what you eat can affect the way that you feel, so eating regularly to keep your blood sugar from dipping can make a big difference. Smaller portions that are spaced out throughout the day, as well as avoiding foods that are high in sugar, will make you feel great.

Start Working On Self-Care

We don’t mean having a bath or going for a long shower, but we do mean thinking about ways that you can improve your mental health. Joining a yoga class or starting a meditation session twice a week can make a big difference to your overall mental health and wellbeing.

Work On Your Sleep

You should be actively getting between six and eight hours of sleep per night, but it needs to be quality sleep. Making sure that you’ve had a relaxing shower or bath and then staying away from screens for at least an hour before bedtime can make a big difference.

Be More Social

You may have seen tons of family friends over the Christmas festive period, but it’s time to spend some time with your friends in a more meaningful way. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to pick you up. You can also go a enjoy some sports with your friends. Plan to play some tennis, kick a football bout or even head into the gym together.

Filling up your month with activities to start the year right will help wash your January blues away. Spending time with the ones you care about most, whether that be through being active and playing some sports or simply being in their presence. Find your way to beat the January blues!

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