Tips to Live A Healthier Life

These days we are bombarded with unrealistic images of models, actors/actresses and professional sports players. It has become increasingly hard to fit healthy meals and adequate workouts into our busy schedule. With these tips and words of advice, hopefully you will find insight on how to manage your diet and exercise regimens.

1. Set a flexible goal & stick to it.

2. Track your progress with a fitness and/or diet journal. Use it to note what you eat and when, how you’re feeling and if you felt guilty or good about what you ate. This will help track of your habits so you can see why you eat the things you do and when.

3. No more late night eating. Gone are the times of late night snacks or dessert. Set a time limit, no later than 6:30 and make sure to not eat anything later than that. If you really need something make sure it is a snack that is healthy. Low in sugar and low in fat.

4. Begin eating breakfast, even if it is something small. This will prevent you from binging later when you become over-hungry. A good breakfast to stave off eating more later on has a protein source and a grain source, and maybe fruit.

5. Know when you need a snack and what kind. You can have snacks, or small meals in between your meals, but be sure it is healthy: nuts, low-fat yogurt, protein rich peanut butter, raw vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruit instead of dried.

6. Things to cut out completely: processed food (frozen dinners), soda: even diet, dried fruits – they’re sugary and have nowhere near the nutritional value of fresh fruit, bleached grains: replace with wheat bread, wheat flour and wheat pasta, dried up herbs that have been sitting on your shelf for years – fresh herbs have vitamin/nutritional value to them and are more flavorful! It’s okay if you have one of these about one a week, but try to cut them out.

7. A salad is a dieters best friend – but make sure your salad is the main focus. Using 1 teaspoon of dressing is enough when you toss well. Croutons are tempting, but they could be really loaded with fat. Read the label.

8. Pull that bicycle out of the dust. Exercise is a part of a healthy life. No, you don’t have to run on the tread mill for 2 hours or lift 50 lb. weights. Exercise can be very easy and fun. Take the dog for a walk, or take the kids to a trail, go to the pool. If summer, go to the beach and walk around collecting seashells. It really doesn’t matter as long as your getting your blood flowing! Maybe plant a garden? Even sweeping a room could work!

9. Get a buddy. If you have a friend(which I’m hoping we all do), ask them to join in with you or motivate you. He/She can be your jogging buddy, gym buddy,or cooking friend. If you happen to have no friends that are interested, try making a club. A lot of people want to get healthy/fit but are just too scared to do it themselves. With this club you can discuss exercises for each other and new recipes. You can even have a day when you all make a recipe and eat! (Just make sure you control your portion).

10. Try to avoid most lotions in department stores. This probably sounds really weird to you all, but most lotions contain petroleum-based ingredients. Imagine what rubbing the same stuff you use to power your car does to your body! Try to avoid phalates and sulfates, ESPECIALLY Laureth Sodium Sulfate. Some good innocent brands that are cheap enough for department sores are Yesto (Yes to Carrots, Yes to Tomatoes, that kind of thing) and Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees is on the pricier side, but your buying good products from a good company with a good reputation.

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