The Top 3 Things You Can Do To Help Remedy Asthma At Home

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Asthma can be mild, severe and life-threatening. An asthma attack restricts the muscles around the airways causing them to produce extra mucus and obstruct the airways. Due to the narrowing down of the bronchial tubes, the person has difficulty breathing.

Some of the signs that the person having an attack includes having non-stop coughing that seems to irritate them, producing a wheezing sound when they breathe in and out,  talking with difficulty and rapid and heavy breathing. Additionally, you may also notice that the victim has a pale and sweaty face.

Once you see these symptoms on a known asthmatic person trying these remedies at home before it escalates to a point you have to rush to the hospital can be helpful:

Inhale Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil is suitable for treating many ailments globally. Mixing the oil in hot water and getting the patient to inhale the fumes that come from the mixture, can help open up his or her airways. It is, however, essential to know what triggers the patient’s asthmatic attacks.

For instance, chemical smells trigger a particular individual. Therefore, making them smell eucalyptus oil would be very dangerous.

Other than eucalyptus oil, one can also use lavender, basil or mustard oils. Nevertheless, if you are using mustard oil, use it in its natural form after you ground it from the seeds. Avoid using essential mustard oil, which could harm your skin.

   Sitting Straight Up

You should try to adjust your sitting posture can be all it takes to help stop the asthmatic attack before it becomes fatal. By sitting upright with your back supported, it helps open up the airways and get you back to normal breathing rhythms in no time. Note that you should not adhere to the myth that one should lie down to help relieve them of the struggle they are in when trying to capture their breath.

When you sit upright, try taking in slow but steady deep breaths. Deep breaths help get in loads of oxygen into your body that assists in proper functioning, which is okay even with you in pain. Additionally, taking these same deep breaths also helps to calm down the body and chest; thus, assisting in opening up the airways.

   Take Caffeine

You can get the patient to take caffeinated coffee or tea to help reduce the pangs of the asthma attack. Caffeine in these drinks works the same way as theophylline, a drug used to treat asthma, which also works by opening up the airways. The best part of using caffeine is that the remedy can help the patient have open airways for up to four hours after taking the drink.

Consequently, when you, or a family member, misplace your inhaler and get an attack, consume a hot caffeinated drink. Remember it has to be hot as the temperature also helps clear the airways by breaking down the mucus that forms on these parts.


Remember, these are just first aid remedies and if they do not help relieve your symptoms, you should seek medical attention. Always keep your inhaler close by; know what triggers your attacks, and what calms you down so that you can still be safe.

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