Top 7 Tests Every Woman Above 30 Should Do

Staying healthy is something every woman should focus on, but with our busy lives, careers and families, this aspect tends to slip into the background until something serious happens to shake us up. When we finally make it to the doctor’s office it’s usually time for treatment and recovery rather than prevention.

After thirty our body slows down a bit and some issues that we didn’t consider relevant in our twenties become more of a possibility. This is why it is important to do certain tests to see if there is a need for some preventive measures in order to maintain our clean bill of health well into old age.

This article will deal with seven vital tests every woman entering her thirties should consider doing.

Bone-Mineral Density Test

This test uses X-rays to measure the amount of minerals, most importantly calcium, in our bones. It is is usually recommended for women above 65 years of age. However, if you have had multiple fractures over the course of your life you should consider doing it a lot sooner. Discovering there is an issue can help prevent osteoporosis in the years to come.

Clinical Breast Exam and Mammogram

This a must as we get older, especially after having children. Both mothers who breastfeed and ones that don’t should consider having their breasts checked. In case you have family members that have been diagnosed with cancer the risk is higher for you, so the doctor will most likely do an additional test to see if you are at risk of more dangerous types of breast cancer dependent on your genetic structure.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

The role of women in society has changed a lot and as we spend more time in front of screens at work there has been a global shift in female eye health. Even in well developed countries like Australia there are a lot of women not addressing the issues regarding eyesight loss. The safest course of action for most of them is booking an eye test and having a thorough exam. Considering that almost 80 percent of vision loss in Australia is caused by five main conditions – age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, diabetic, retinopathy, glaucoma and refractive error doing a checkup is more important than ever. The best option is finding a place that can offer not only a holistic eye exam, but also a great selection of frames and contact lenses, so that you can do everything in a single visit.

Dental Screening

Maintaining healthy teeth is crucial for our overall health. Plus you don’t want to start losing them too soon. It goes without saying that a visit to a dentist every 6 months is a must, just to maintain the basic oral health. However it is also important to do a detailed screening from time to time to see whether you are at risk of any oral diseases that may affect the gums.

Heart-Health Test

With our fast-paced life and heightened stress levels our heart is working overtime. Not to mention the fast food diets a lot of women turn to due to lack of time. In order to maintain our heart healthy well into our seventies and eighties it is important to have regular heart screenings. This includes blood pressure measurements, fasting lipoprotein profile, body weight and body glucose. And if any of these things seem off balance immediate action should be taken to repair the situation.

Mole Screening / Skin Examination

Skin cancer is quite dangerous and often hard to detect. So if you have suspicious moles you need to get them checked right away so that the doctor can take preventive measures. A skin examination is not something we can always do on our own since not all areas are visible and it is a good idea to have a specialist conduct an extensive exam every couple of years, especially if you live in a sun drenched country like Australia, where your exposure to dangerous UV rays is heightened.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Like breast cancer, cervical cancer is sadly one of the deadliest diseases for the female population. The sad thing is that it is easily detectable. Visiting your gynecologist once a year and having them perform a Pap smear can help detect early signs of cervical cancer.

As you can see a lot of dangerous health issues are preventable with timely detection, making these tests that much more relevant. We cannot change what is written in our genetic code, but we can help our body stay strong and healthy in order to be able to battle any disease that might come our way.

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