Top Global Beauty Trends Right Now

Beauty trends are constantly changing and shifting and they are never consistent around the world. So to keep up with the latest global beauty trends, here’s a list of the most popular trends that are currently happening around the world today:

South African Nails

One beauty trend that is surging at the moment in South Africa is the classic French manicure. It’s a style that has seen its rounds in Europe and the US for years in the past and has now found its fame in Africa too. You can keep it simple and clean with the pinkish-nude base and a white stripe, or you can jazz it up by putting a coloured stripe in between the two or a row of rhinestones for extra sparkle.

Braids Of The USA

While in some communities tight braids are a staple of culture, across the US, girls have been braiding their hair in all different styles and sizes. Braid crowns, fishbone braids, half-braids and all other kinds of braided hairstyles are making the rounds, making this the top style in the US today. If you want to give your braids some volume, make sure that you are braiding your hair looser and then pulling out the strands to make the braids bigger and more voluminous.

Australian Tattoos

Australia has always been close to tattoo culture, as so many of the surrounding Polynesian islands have tattooing ingrained into their culture going back hundreds of years. However, the styles are starting to become more various and the techniques perfected, so getting a Japanese tattoo body suit has soared in popularity. It’s a style that definitely requires commitment because you cover vast areas of your body, and it doesn’t mix great with other styles, but when done well, it can be the best decoration you will ever see.

Swedish Pop Trend

Swedes have been known for dying their hair quite a bit, as their naturally blond and nearly white strands take in colour so well. However, this trend is really taking the cake, with pink hair surging in popularity. Whether you want to go all out with a hot-pink that will be visible from a mile away or a softer pastel pink that will give you a more Tumblr-esque look, it’s sure to bring attention. If you don’t want to go full out and dye the whole thing, colouring just the ends of your hair a pink shade can also work and look great.

South Korea’s Perms

When you think of perms, you think of the small, thick-curl styles that were all the rage in the ‘80s and that nobody really speaks of today. However, in South Korea, they are doing loose, soft perms that give your hair very natural beach waves, instead of the crazy small curls that don’t look right unless you naturally have them. These loose curls are becoming very popular with the younger generations and you can see them on heads on every corner.

Highlights In Canada

When you live in a place as cold as Canada, you don’t really get a chance to spend time at the beach and have your hair naturally get highlights from the sun – and that is exactly why this has become a beauty trend. Hairstylists in Canada have seen the rise of blond highlights, lighting up women’s heads in a beautifully natural way.

So if you are looking for some global inspiration for your next big change in appearance, this should inspire you plenty to start finding a new look. And who knows – you might just be the person who starts the next big trend in your own country when you come up with your unique style!

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