Top Tips For Improving Your Mental Health By Redecorating

People say “Home sweet home” for good reason. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time. That’s why home décor can have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing, both positive and negative. A cramped house filled with decorations will probably evoke the opposite effect than intended. Here are some of the best redecorating tips to make your home relaxing and comfortable.

Reducing The Clutter

We all have some baggage in our lives. However, while it can be exceedingly challenging to clear the mental clutter, cleaning up a room is relatively straightforward. The KonMari method, one of the most popular decorating practices, is based on reducing unneeded or unwanted things from the living space. That’s why we advise sticking to minimalist decorations, keeping only items that you have a profound connection, items that make you happy or motivated. Even something as simple as decluttering a room can make a sizeable difference. After months of lockdown, cleaning up the living space can be liberating and provide you with ideas to grow.

Use Innovative Designs

When redecorating, there’s always a contrast between going for stylish, new items and maintaining a more traditional look. Modern designs often utilize glass or marble, which can appear too sterile for comfort. Wooden flooring has been a staple for a reason, and that’s because people are more relaxed when they can see a touch of nature in their homes. Modern decorations typically combine the two. For example, a rotating gadget from Floately  uses wooden boards to represent a traditional style and combines it with a more contemporary, angular design to keep it interesting.

Get Some Plants

Extrapolating on the point of using wood-based materials, plants are a great way to boost a home’s appeal and comfort. Living plants add a more natural look to the living space and also purify the air inside the home, even if indirectly.

If you want to add a plant without it looking overbearing, consider Airsai, the rotating plant pot from Floately. It’s perfectly sized for a small plant, allowing you to slot it onto a table and not intrude on the surroundings. The pot can float in mid-air and slowly rotate, providing a more engaging experience than a static setting. A rotating plant also gets even sun exposure during the day, preventing it from growing lopsided.

Improve Lighting

Lighting has been shown to affect people’s moods considerably. For example, vibrant (long-wavelength) colours increase energy levels and provide stimulation, while colder (short-wavelength) colours have a more soothing effect. However, even a general increase in light can alleviate anxiety and stress. Portable lighting fixtures are an excellent way to add a customized lighting solution that can be moved or replaced at will. If you want to use a desktop or shelf lamp, consider Volta, a floating gadget lightbulb from Floately. It provides soothing warm light, and the ability to float makes it more interesting to observe. It also doesn’t use much power since it’s an LED, despite its more traditional appearance.

Feel Free To Change Frequently

People can change their minds on a whim, so why can’t it be the same with decorations? If you’re unsure about some sweeping changes, keep in mind that they are temporary. If it ends up looking worse than you envisaged, feel free to change it again, after all that’s what redecorating is all about. For more ideas on smart home decorations, check out other Floately products at:

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