Trending Styles And Hair Care Tips For Women In Their 30’s

Everyone says 40 is the new 30, some even say 40 is the new 20. But, the bottom line is simple. Leaving your twenties behind may mean you’ve moved passed the rebellious stage of your life, but it doesn’t mean life is over. Far from it!

With such improvements in healthcare, it won’t be long before 60 is considered middle-aged. In short, 30 is young but just old enough that you need to start thinking a little more about the right style for you and how to look after your hair properly. Here are some trending styles and hair care tips for women in their 30’s.

Invest In Quality Products

Budgets are getting tighter as the various world influences cause inflation to start rising and the cost of living to climb. But, while it’s worth cutting back on some products, investing in the right hair care products is worth doing.

In fact, if you choose wisely you’ll use less of a high-quality product and get better results, potentially making it the cheaper option. All you have to do is choose a product designed for your hair type and one that is natural. Here is a Kerastase shampoo worth trying.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Not everyone needs to wash their hair every day. It depends on your hair type. But, you should be washing it every other day and, most importantly, conditioning it as well. It’s best to condition straight after you’ve washed it, this will allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes, maximizing its ability to hydrate and repair your hair.

It can also help to deep condition once a week.

Look At Your Diet

In your thirties, you need to start being more aware of what you eat. This helps you to remain healthy and can benefit your hair. You may be surprised to learn that your hair is predominantly protein and water, making sure you eat enough protein, drink enough water, and get all the right vitamins every day will help to ensure your hair stays healthy and looks great.

Keep It Trimmed

This applies to people of all ages. Getting your hair trimmed regularly will eliminate split ends and help it look its best. You can also experiment with the latest hairstyles. However, you should note the following:

Keep It Longer

In your thirties, it’s advisable to have a slightly longer cut. This will allow you to wear it straight or wavy and play with different styles, including keeping your hair up. The purpose of this is to ensure you can easily adjust your hair to suit the occasion.

It remains youthful but allows you to have an air of seriousness when needed. That’s important at work as you may be thinking more about career prospects.

Choose Colour Wisely

You‘re past the mohawk stage or the bright pink hair. But, that doesn’t mean you need to stop colouring your hair. It’s simply time to keep the colours closer to your natural one and not to change colours too frequently.


Your thirties generally means you’re past wild experiments with your hair. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with a variety of styles. You need to find one that you like, makes you look younger, and can be relatively easily replicated every day.

With a little planning your hair, and you, can look fantastic through your thirties, forties, and onward.

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