How To Use Music To Help You Stop Stressing Out So Much In Daily Life

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The benefits that music can bring into your life have long been known for decades, and easily explains why music has been such an integral part in human culture throughout existence. However, in the modern-day, the benefits of listening to music are more important now than ever before.

It’s so easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed with everyday life, especially when it feels like you’ve always got something to do, and work seems overwhelming. However, using music has so many benefits to help you reduce these levels of stress.

Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know in order to do this, helping you live a happier, much more comfortable life.

Starting Your Day

If you don’t start your day in quite the right way and you begin stressed, the chances are you’re going to stay stressed throughout the day. By listening to uplifting, calm and relaxing music in the morning, you can welcome in the day in a much more positive way.

Try to aim for music that’s a low to medium energy level, so it’s not too fast and overwhelming, but enough to wake you and get you moving. A funky genre like jazz or lo-fi could be ideal.

Listening On The Way To Work

Feeling the road rage on your daily commute and feeling stressed out by it? When it comes to traveling around to start your day, the sheer number of people, late trains and buses and that feeling of wasting your time in traffic is sure to put anybody in a bad mood.

This is why you’re going to need to focus on the music you’re listening to. Try to avoid news stations and media platforms because consuming this content in the morning, especially negative media, can set you up for a bad day. Instead, medium energy music and a medium volume or your favourite playlist can do wonders.

Of course, at the end of a long day, listening to an unwinding playlist on the way home from work can help you separate the stresses of your day at work from your leisure time while being at home.

Getting Jobs Done

It’s easy to feel stressed out when you’re trying to tackle your list of chores and odd jobs at home or at work because there’s always going to be tasks that you feel are more important, and it can feel like you’re wasting your time.

However, to get more effective at completing these tasks in a better time, and to help you focus on what you’re doing, rather than letting your mind spiral and wander onto what you think you should be doing; listening to music can help.

Again, listen to the music you want, whether that’s your favourite Spotify playlist or something high-energy that gets you motivated and pumped with what you’re doing. There’s nothing better than cleaning up to your favourite dance tracks or vacuuming to Queen.

Unwinding After A Long Day

Had a busy and stressful day and felt like you’re bringing the stress with you wherever you go? Take a moment to make yourself a cup of tea (herbal or fruit tea, no caffeine, is ideal), plug in your headphones and be mindful of what you’re doing.

Taking this ten-minute break at any time throughout the day can help you forget about the worries and stresses of your day, giving you the assistance you need to focus on the present moment and unwind those tense feelings of stress.

Getting Ready For Bed

Getting yourself in the right mindset for bed is one of the most important times of the day to get rid of stress. If you’re going to sleep while feeling overwhelmed, you’re not going to sleep optimally, and this is going to carry on those feelings of stress into the next day.

Over time, this is going to build up and up and up, and it will eventually lead to burn-out. Ideally, you’re going to want to listen to some really relaxing and laid-back ambient music, nothing with a high tempo, and maybe even a meditation playlist or classical music.

This can help to bring your day to an end slowly, and studies have even proven that this will actually improve your quality of sleep!

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