Varicose Vein Treatment: How Spouses and Family Can Help

Have you been trying to get your wife, husband, mother, father, or other beloved family member to seek varicose vein treatment only to have them shut down the suggestion? When someone is having a heart attack, no one debates whether or not they should see a doctor! Everyone knows you either call 9-1-1 or you rush the person to a hospital immediately, no more discussion, period. Unfortunately, not all diseases get the same “respect,” even though they can become quite serious or even life threatening. Unfortunately, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency fall into this category.

Is it a Generational Thing?

In some ways, the resistance that some people exhibit over the idea of varicose vein treatment could be cast as a “generational thing.” It’s true that the older generations, i.e. your great grandparents or perhaps your grandparents, depending on your age, did not think much about getting varicose vein treatment unless the symptoms were absolutely dire. Partly, this was due to the type of treatment that used to be available twenty or more years ago. Back then, it was all about “vein stripping” which no one wanted to be subjected to unless absolutely necessary. It was painful, often ineffective, surgery and it took people months to recover.

Luckily, today we now have minimally invasive techniques, like endovenous laser treatment and duplex ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, available that involve only minimal pain, have a very high success rate, and usually don’t take very long to recover. In fact, people who undergo these modern varicose vein treatment techniques can actually go back to most of their normal activities that same day or the next day. So, if you are the spouse or other family member who is trying to convince your loved one to go in for at least a varicose vein checkup, you may want to find someone else who is about the same age as your loved one who has already had varicose vein treatment to personally chat with your loved one about their experiences. You could invite them over to dinner with your loved one or invite them out for coffee and just keep the “meet and greet” casual.

Is it a Cultural Thing?

No one likes to face the fact they are growing older. They know they can’t turn back the hands of time so some people just avoid looking at the clock! For woman in particular, getting varicose veins can be mean in their mind the end of their sex appeal. Our society has placed a burden on women to look attractive and look young. Just take a look at the commercials on television to see how society reinforces this all the time. To people who think this way, especially women, seeking varicose vein treatment is equivalent to admitting you’re “over the hill.”

Unfortunately, this attitude can result in delayed treatment for a condition that will get progressively worse without the intervention of modern medicine. So, you as the family member may need to apply a little “psychology” to the issue. If you’re the spouse, let your partner know you still find them attractive. Actually saying these words, and proving it through actions, can mean a lot for a person struggling with the idea of getting older because it provides much needed validation to them. It can also make it easier for them to get the varicose vein treatment they need. Other family members can let the older family know how much they are cherished and respected. You may also want to get them involved in events and activities that make them feel young at heart.

Is it a Guy Thing?

The resistance to varicose vein treatment can also be a guy thing. Strong macho testosterone driven men may have grown up thinking of varicose veins as a “female disease.” Furthermore, societal norms may have them thinking they’re just supposed to grin and bear the pain that varicose veins can cause because they’re men and “men are tough.” In other words, the thought of varicose vein treatment may be embarrassing to some men. But phlebectomy of varicose veins isn’t just for women and this minimally invasive treatment could really help him.

Women, you can work your charm to help, whether you’re the wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, female cousin, or a female friend. There are times when men feel more comfortable talking about a personal issue, and even taking action about it, when talking with females rather than other men. Whether or not this should be the way things are could be debated, but in this instance, it may just be better to use it to your advantage. Guys, if you’re reading this, try talking to a woman you are close to about your varicose vein problem.

Is it a Free Thing?

Your family member can get a free evaluation at one of the Metro Vein Centers by some of the top vein specialists in the country. All people love to get stuff for free, no matter the age, gender, or cultural experience so you can use this as a strong point to entice your spouse or family member to get checked out. There are Metro Vein Centers in multiple states.

Good luck to you, and remember, patient persistence often pays off.

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