Vegan Sweet Coconut Hummus Recipe

Small wooden bowl of sweet coconut hummus topped with sprinkled coconut. In the dark background are some star chaped cardamom coconut biscuits going around the bowl

Oh hummus, hummus, hummus, how we love your silky smooth ways. Perking up our carrot sticks, coming to our every quick and easy meal needs, pimping up our pittas. We bloody love you hummus.

In fact we love you so much we could eat you for every meal. But the thing is we have a bit of a sweet tooth and we really love our afternoon snacks and well we’ll be honest, we’re a bit of a sucker for a pudding too. Imagine a world where there was such a thing as sweet hummus…

Could it work?

Ummm yes it blinkin’ well could, ‘cos we’ve only gone and done it!

Yep you heard us, we’ve come up with a ‘woah we’re amazing, this is life changing shizzle,’ recipe for Sweet Coconut Hummus and it is a vegan game changer!

Give it a go and let us know what you think

What’s In Vegan Sweet Coconut Hummus?

How Do I Make It Vegan Sweet Coconut Hummus?

Drain and rinse the chickpeas by placing them into a sieve and running the cold water tap over them for a couple of minutes.

Pour the rinsed chickpeas into a food processor, or a bowl if you’re using a hand blender, along with the creamed coconut and agave nectar.

Creamed coconut can often set, which results in the coconut oil rising to the top and all the lovely creamy coconut sinking to the bottom. If this happens to you, simply put the container into the microwave for about 30 seconds (so long as the container isn’t metal of course!) and give it a good mix once it’s done.

Blend the hummus mixture until smooth, adding the coconut milk a bit at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

Spoon into a small serving bowl and sprinkle with desiccated coconut.

TOP TIP – this sweet coconut hummus is lush on it’s own, but come on… what is a dip without a dunker!?! Check out my recipe for Cardamom Coconut Star Biscuits, which also uses the great range of products from The Groovy Food Co, and get dunkin’!

P.S. It’s still totally fine to eat it straight from the jar… all the best people do 😉

*Groovy Food products gifted for recipe creation.

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