Vinoos By AMS The Real Wine Gums Review

Vinoos real wine gums scattered with packaging and wine glass. They are shaped like little bunches of grapes and come in red, rose and white wine flavours

I love wine and I love sweeties, so imagine my absolute delight when I got sent these real wine gums to review – literally like a kid in a sweet shop! And I kid you not, even though they are completely alco-free somehow or other they actually taste like wine.

Vinoos real wine gums are the talking point of a dinner party, they ooze character and class on a wedding table and bring shared fun to a baby shower. Described as ‘adult luxury happiness’ they’re certainly in a different league to your bog standard Haribo that’s for sure.

The gums come presented in the cutest little boxes you ever did see, they’re kind of like miniature versions of wine boxes. And the wine gums themselves are in the shape of bunches of grapes colour matched to the type of wine they represent. Amazingly they don’t contain wine, just the flavours of wine and they are all suitable for vegetarians with most also being suitable for vegans.

Of course I scoffed the whole damn lot and here’s what I thought of them:

Rosé Wine Gums

Cute, pale pink and tasting like fruity slightly less sweet turkish delight. Very get stuck in your teeth chewy and I would personally describe them as having a texture more like hard gums rather than the squishy wine gums I’m used too. The flavour is actually really pleasant and although not overtly winey at first, it comes towards the end and there is a definite Rosé wine after taste. Subtle, light and really stylish, they would make the perfect table gift for the wedding guests of a summer wedding.

Merlot Wine Gums

You know how wine tasters stick their noses in the glass and give it a good old sniff before they drink? Do the same with these red wine gums and you’ll be greeted with a deep full bodied red. It’s amazing that such a smell can come from just one wine gum and honestly if you closed your eyes you’d think there was a glass of Merlot sat in front of you. The wine gums are presented as dark red bunches of grapes and the texture is much softer than the Rosé ones, which I much prefer. Again the wine flavour develops more towards the end and the after taste is very much like you have just swallowed real wine. I felt as though I had just stepped out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory the taste sensation was that delicious and that real. Incredible!

Riesling Wine Gums

Another harder gum, much chewier and flavourwise this was my least favourite. But then I’m also not a fan of drinking Riesling so it’s kind of no surprise. This one had a wine taste throughout and was much sweeter than the others with a sort of floral taste. However it’s the texture that bothers me – I much prefer the softer more gummier ones.

Chardonnay Wine Gums

I’m not so keen on drinking Chardonnay as I find it quite acidic and it has an oaky taste that just doesn’t do it for me. However I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted these Chardonnay wine gums, because they had a really light fruity flavour that got me thinking of pear drops. Super flavoursome, arguably the wine gum that tastes the least like wine, but delicious none the less and this ended up being my favourite – although the Merlot came a close second.

Look, as a wine drinker these sweets aren’t exactly going to replace the real deal, but then I’m not really sure they’re supposed to. It’s simply taken the concept of wine gums and well… made them wine flavoured!

You can buy Vinoos from Beyond Living as well as find out more about them from the Vinoos website.

*products gifted for review

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