Want A Vaccine? Here Are Some Tips

The COVID pandemic finally seems to have an end in sight. The only issue? Getting a vaccine. From state to state, everyone’s circumstances are different. If you’re unsure of where to go for a vaccine, here are some ways for you to get it.

Every State Is Different

Firstly, remember that you may not be eligible yet. There are some states that only allow certain people, such as essential workers, the elderly, or people who have specific conditions, to get a vaccine.

If you’re not eligible, is there any way for you to get a vaccine? You have a few options:

Other States

There are some states that are in the later phases of vaccine rollout. This means that you could get a vaccine as long as they allow anyone to get it.

Some states do require you to show proof of residency, such as New York. However, many states don’t require you to show proof of residency at all.

It should be mentioned that if you travel to another state, you may risk contracting the virus. However, if you live close to another state, it may be worth looking into it.

Leftover Vaccines

COVID vaccines don’t last long out in the open. Many vaccines go to waste if they are left over, and that is why many areas will give out leftover vaccines to anyone, even if you are not eligible.

How can you know if there are leftover vaccines? Call your local distribution center. You can also sign up for Dr. B, which is a vaccine finder that will give you an alert if there are any leftover vaccines.

If You Are Eligible

With that said, what if you are eligible? Where do you turn to? It can be confusing, but there are some answers.


This is a website that helps you find vaccines near you.

It lists all of the providers near you and tells you what type of vaccine they have available and how far it is from your home.

What Places Provide It?

There are many different places that provide the vaccine. From your medical care centers to any store that has a pharmacy such as Walmart, Walgreens, or similar location.

Which Vaccine Should I Choose?

As of right now, there are three types of vaccine to choose from, and you may not be able to pick one particular vaccine. However, if you can, the three are:

  • ModernaThis vaccine needs two doses. After four weeks, you get the second shot. Do not wait longer than six weeks to get it.
  • PfizerThis vaccine is similar to Moderna, but the period is 3 weeks instead of four.
  • Johnson & JohnsonThis vaccine is unique in that you only need one dose. However, while it is efficient in preventing COVID, it’s not as efficient as the other vaccines on this list.

If You Can’t Get it Now

Remember, things won’t go back to normal the second you get the vaccine. Until we reach herd immunity, you will still need to wear masks, and not everything will be open. Instead, focus on what you can do in the here and now. Check back on occasion to see what you can find, but do not obsess over it.

If vaccine stress is too much, BetterHelp may be able to assist you in calming your nerves. We recognize it’s a stressful time for us all, and an online therapist is a safe way for you to speak to someone and get the stresses of life right off your chest.

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