Week In The Life Of Teenage Me: Teenage Diary 16th – 22nd July 1994

Reading through this week’s teenage diary I’m not entirely sure how on earth I managed to fit in everything that I seem to have fitted in within just one week. One moment I’m in Yate, the next I’m at strawberry day (whatever the f*ck that is!), then I’m in France, then I’m back in Chippenham shopping AGAIN! I can’t remember a single thing about that French trip (money well spent – sorry Mum!), literally nothing, but there’s no surprise that it mostly revolved around boys.


Saturday 16th July

Went shopping in Yate and Mum bought me 2 pairs of denim shorts, a pair of black stretch shorts, a white vest top and a checked bra top. I bought the Blur album and it is totally cool. We then went into Chippenham because A couldn’t find any football trainers and there Mum bought me some A4 graph paper, A3 paper and a fine paintbrush. She said she’d buy me a two piece swimsuit for when we go on holiday. Cool or what. Wilfred is in hospital. Apparently he’s had an operation but no one knows what for. That means he can’t go camping.

Sunday 17th July

Went to Strawberry Day and I’m sorry to say that it was really shit. I felt so out of place because the only person that I really knew who wanted to talk to me was Sheila and she was busy talking to her family because it’s her birthday and also because she had to get them to fill in some of her RE questionnaires. I’ve applied fake tan and I’m just hoping it turns out OK because I want to wear my black denim hotpants tomorrow if its hot and I won’t be able to if my legs look like they’ve been plagued with millions of patchy birthmarks.

Monday 18th July

I’m getting ready to go to France, it’s just so exciting. Noreen didn’t turn up today so that was quite a relief. Basically we just dosed around today. We did a treasure hunt which my team won, played softball, tennis and French cricket which I managed to belt someone round the cheek with a tennis racket and then belt a ball full pelt into some girls eye. We then went swimming and it was just so lush and I’m pleased to say that my swimsuit wasn’t the aggiest there so I didn’t feel too self conscious. I got burnt so bad it left a swimsuit strap mark.

Tuesday 19th July

Today has just been so knackering. I don’t think the trip was worth it as the shops were all tacky. We didn’t really have enough money and most of the day was spent travelling. The best part of the day was when we visited La Touquet because we had an hour and a half just to laze on the beach doing whatever we chose to do. We were sat by a group of four French boys and they were so full of themselves. They were shouting, “Girls, we love you” and they were really getting on our nerves so we moved and I think that gave them the right idea. That’ll show them.

Wednesday 20th July

I woke up at 9.30am which was quite early considering I was told by A that Mum was angry with me because Sheila had phoned up saying I’d said that she could use my swimsuit. Mum knew nothing of this and said it hadn’t been washed so apparently she asked Mum whether she could wash it through. I’m so shocked at that. Mum told me to have a got at her, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I watched the new Take That video and it’s so bad because it shows you Mark’s bedroom and where he lives which means that any soul and sundry could go waltzing over and terrorize him. I couldn’t bring myself to do that, I’d just feel so guilty.

Thursday 21st July

I managed to get all my written French work out of the way and I kind of made up all of the answers to my Geography questionnaires although Mum took some into work which were answered. The computer is coming tomorrow. It should be so good, it’s got a CD unit and everything. It’s got to be good, after all it cost £1900. I’m starting to get a really good tan, I just hope the weather holds up because I’d like to go on holiday slightly already because then I won’t look so stupid when I go on the beach for the first time. I might be going into Chippenham tomorrow on the bus.

Friday 22nd July

The computer came today and it is just so brilliant. The CD Rom is just like watching the TV. Went into Chippenham and took my Geography photos, got my Tech leaflets, went into an estate agents to get details on some houses and bought a small scrapbook, a black felt tip pen, and the second CD from Declan and Ant’s single ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’. I nearly bought a top in New Look which had been reduced to £4.99 but they all had lipstick on the collars so I didn’t waste the money. I hope the NWDC send a letter back because without it my coursework is surely lost and I’ll get a crap mark.

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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