Weekly Extracts From My 1994 Teenage Diary

It’s been a bit quiet on the Arnold front of late, but don’t worry he features a LOT in this week’s 1994 teenage diary extracts. Will all my dreams come true and will he actually notice me? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Saturday 26th February

I managed to get most of my homework done so I decided to go over to Sheila’s after all, except Nadine was there as well. I was doing my paper round this morning and I passed this really lush boy, he was absolutely gorgeous. He sort of looked like Oscar Burton but much, much nicer. The thing is I looked totally crappy, hey but who cares. Maybe I’ll see him again. Who knows it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. I reckon Iris Johnson is in the front row at Wembley, meaning she’ll be full of beans the next day. The problem is she likes Mark and so if she calls out and she’s by the front, he’ll hear her. Miffer.

Sunday 27th February

We didn’t get to sleep until about 1.00am last night, which is really late for me. Nadine left Sheila’s about 10.30am, which was good because I don’t get on very well with her. I’ve entered a competition to win the complete set of Take That cards which have just been released. It will be so good if I win because I really can’t afford to buy them. I can just tell they’re going to release a video soon as well and I can’t afford to buy anything until the end of March. So my financial state is getting desperate, but it’s helping that I’m not buying Easter eggs for my friends. I’ve made a decision that as far as possible I’ll do homework the night I get it.

Monday 28th February

I’ve been so good, I’ve done all homework that it is possible to do that was set tonight, The law has now been changed so I now no longer have to do woodwork but can do HE right up to my GCSE’s. It’s brilliant. I’ve never enjoyed sticking lots of wood together. Grandad’s staying for the week and then Aunty Karen’s coming down at the weekend and we’re going ice-skating on the Saturday which could be fun I suppose. But I need to go into Chippenham in the morning to buy presents and family Easter eggs and I’m also going to the library and I’m going to get a book out on a subject that I’ve never looked at before. What a boffin I am.

Tuesday 1st March

This could quite possibly be the worst day of the week. I found out today that Deborah sent Arnold a Valentine’s card, but worse than that is that Arnold is totally besotted with her. There’s apparently going to be a party on Friday where some people are going to get them together. I really can’t believe it. I’m friends with both of them but now I feel that I should hate Deborah. I feel really uncomfortable around her now, because no one knows that I fancy him like mad. It’s just not fair. And I’ve got to go on this enrichment weekend with Deborah and if she’s going out with Arnold then she won’t be mucking about and flirting with other boys.

Wednesday 2nd March

I don’t think Deborah knows I know about the business with her and Arnold and I don’t think I should mention it. But I think she feels pretty confident that she’ll end up going out with him because she was reading her stars and then talking to Mavis about how true they were without mentioning any names. I really like Deborah and I think if she went out with Arnold she’d change. Mind you I’m just jealous so all this is words of spite. I really should be more considerate. If Arnold fancies Deborah there is absolutely nothing that is going to change his mind and make him see that I’m the perfect girl for him. It’s really depressing. I’m 15 and I’ve never been out with anyone.

Thursday 3rd March

Mr Backwell has found out, probably from Betty, that I like Take That. My life is a living hell, he’ll never leave me alone now. It could actually be quite embarrassing, but hey I’m a sassy chick I can deal with it, like I deal with everything else. I actually understood today’s Physics lesson, which must be a first for me. The only bad thing was that Jethro virtually came up to me and told me my breath stinks, so now I’m really paranoid about it. I’ll have to make sure I have nice smelling breath tomorrow else I’ll be worried all day. I’ve decided to forget all about fancying Arnold, after all I can’t have him. I may as well just focus on Percy who’s kinda cute.

Friday 4th March

I got my Technology coursework result back today and I got the highest possible mark, A++. I was so stunned. I definitely deserve it, because I put in so much work. 39 pages of pure solid facts. Tonight’s the night Deborah’s apparently going to this party and her and Arnold are going to be pushed together. But hey, who’s Arnold? I gave Delilah her ticket and she was so over the moon about it. It’s going to be so weird going to a concert with her, I hardly know her. I mean if we pass each other we don’t even say hi or anything. And to be quite honest I don’t reckon she likes me very much so god knows what it’ll be like when we go to the concert. But I’m not going to let her ruin my fun. Aunty Karen comes down tomorrow, which I suppose should be fun.

Tune in next week for more 1994 teenage diary action.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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