Weekly Extracts From My Teenage Diary: 21st – 27th May 1994

Before you get on to reading this week’s teenage diary extracts, I would just like to absolve myself from ever, ever believing that a long, cream skirt and a short sleeved knitted brown top were ever considered ‘really nice’. I mean I know fashions change and everything, but jeez it’s no wonder I couldn’t get a boyfriend!

This week it’s all about my work experience at one of the local newspapers and yet more ‘shitty people’ fancying me… hope you enjoy this week’s teenage diary 🙂

Saturday 21st May

Went into Chippenham and had 2 1/2 inches cut off my hair. It looked really crap at first because she put too much volume into it but it’ll look really good tomorrow when I flatten it down a bit. A told me today that both Lofty and Ivor think I’m pretty. I think that’s really sweet. It gives me such confidence when people give me compliments. Me and A had a real in depth conversation and it was really quite interesting. I’m so glad we get on well together. Other people are missing out on so much if they don’t get on with their brothers and sisters. I saw 2 people that went on the enrichment weekend, one of them was James Kay.

Sunday 22nd May

I can’t decide whether I like my hair or not. It seems to stick out quite a lot so I keep tying it back. I will get used to it though and even at this moment I can see that it does look quite nice. I won’t see Percy for 2 weeks, he’s going to his dad’s work for work experience, which is in Birmingham and unless he makes contact in half term I won’t get to see him. I suppose I should be grateful I went to the cinema with him on Friday. In a way I’m glad Sheila didn’t go because I’m sure she would’ve sat next to me and then I wouldn’t have been able to sit next to Percy and the evening would have been so boring. Sheila should be moving in half term so that will be really good.

Monday 23rd May

I really can’t wait until Wednesday, I’m really looking forward to it. Mum bought me a really nice long, cream skirt and a short sleeved knitted brown top to wear, it makes me look really grown up. Sheila phoned to say how good her work placement was. Apparently she went to court today and she typed a letter up on the computer but she’s mainly been doing filing. I’m a bit nervous about Wednesday. In fact I’m more nervous that I’ve got to go to Swindon on that day. I just hope Mr Churm is nice. If I don’t get on with him I don’t know what I’ll do. 4 days until Percy gets back from Birmingham. I wonder what he’s doing. I bet he’s having a ball.

Tuesday 24th May

I’ve been bored stiff today. I’ve had absolutely nothing to do. I’m getting really, really nervous about tomorrow. I’m worried that my hair will crap up, that my dress wear won’t be suitable, that Mr Churm doesn’t get on with me and many other more ‘trivial’ worries. The highlight of my day was when the post came because I received Craig Fleming’s autograph. OK I don’t like him as much as I used to (he’s a bit of an ugly mug) and alright most people haven’t a clue who he is, but I still have it none the less and I’m very proud of it because it’s on a proper photo not some postcard jobby.

Wednesday 25th May

I am so knackered, it’s tiring being a working girl. It was OK I suppose, but it’s not really that area of journalism that I’m interested in. Tomorrow I was supposed to be going to Chippenham all day but now I’ve got a half day there and half a day in Swindon which doesn’t make life very easy but at least I’ll get to see Will, a really nice bloke in the art/entertainment department. Mr Churm is a real smarmy bastard. You can tell he doesn’t like me, but it doesn’t bother me too much cos I don’t like him.  I got to see all the papers being printed on the machine. It was really good, but very loud. I’m so glad I’m only going for 3 days, I’d be dead if I went for a whole week.

Thursday 26th May

Today was so much better because I got to do a lot more jobs. I have to phone up quite a few people including Terry my brothers ex-football manager, which was really embarrassing because he remembered who I was. I learnt how to use the fax machine and I’ve done lots of typing. Some of my stories will be appearing in the Gazette and Herald next week. A while back Cuthbert Gilbert told me that Alistair Foster fancied me and I shrugged it off as a joke. Well today A told me that his sister said that he thought I was really attractive. Great, why do I get all the shitty people fancying me.

Friday 27th May

I don’t want to go back to school. I wish I could go to work all the time, it’s so much better. I did lots more faxing and writing stories on the computer. I also had to go out into Chippenham and find some stories, which was a lot harder than you’d expect. There was a display ‘Aspects of Health’ in Emery Gate all about contraceptives and safe sex. I’m sure they thought I was pregnant or something, so I politely told them where I was from and got down to interviewing them. Mind you I never actually got round to writing that story up. I’ve written 7 stories so hopefully they’ll all be printed in next weeks paper.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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