What You Need to Know About Removable Partial Dentures

The name ‘partial dentures’ itself expresses most of it, it’s a temporary set of ceramic teeth along with a plastic gum that are fixed inside the mouth to work as real teeth. They are equally strong and stay for a long time, as well, but the best thing is that they are removable. Nowadays, these dentures can be either a single tooth, a set of teeth or even a whole set of 32 teeth, which can be fixed inside your mouth and removed easily when needed.

Many people from all across the globe use these dentures, in instances where they have lost teeth or a damaged tooth is replaced by a temporary set of teeth by a dental surgeon. In order to understand why people need dentures and what exactly these dentures are, the following simple guide will clarify it in just three aspects.

Three Important Things About Partial Dentures

There is a lot of information out there about what limited or partial dentures are, so here are three points that will help explain everything about it.

1. Temporary Set Of The Teeth

The first and most basic explanation of partial dentures is that they are a temporary set of teeth. These affordable dentures can be easily detached from the gums when required by a dental surgeon. Always make sure you seek help only from professional surgeons, as they have skill and experience in doing their job in the correct manner.

Treatment is offered to people of all ages based on a variety of different reasons. For some, it can be due to accidental damage and for others it can be due to decay or gum infection. No matter what the reason is, professional dentists will offer suitable treatment of partial dentures to make the person comfortable while smiling and eating.

2. Ceramic Teeth

The word ceramic comes from the Greek word “Keramos” which simply means “Potters Clay” and when applied to teeth it means that it can be moulded into pretty much any desired shape. Ceramic teeth are made of dental porcelain, which is white in colour and can be easily moulded into the shape of teeth and once fixed they can be shaped exactly like human teeth with a unique drill that dentists use. These teeth are the heart of partial dentures, as this is what gives strength, just like the real calcium teeth that humans have.

Initially you will be told not to eat things that are too hard for a few days after the implant, but then later on, you can have whatever you want for as long for as you want until the set of temporary teeth get worn out and you will need a new set. But don’t worry, as that will happen only after about 20 years.

3.  Plastic Gums Connected With Clamps

Apart from ceramic teeth these partial dentures also have a steel or golden frame on which the teeth are placed called clamps and these clamps are either visible or at times covered with specially made plastic that look exactly like gums. The unique thing about these plastic gums is that they are as long lasting as your ceramic teeth and no matter what you eat, they do not break or tear off.

These are incredibly human health friendly options and do not cause any damage to health, as they are made up of specially designed and treated plastic that is only used for medical purposes. So, when you need a change of dentures all you need to do is go to a reliable dentist and get it done.

I hope this guide has made you more aware of removable partial dentures and that I have taken away the stress of it all.

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