What The Stars Do To Look Flawless

The face of a dark haired woman wearing lots of makeup = blue eye shadow, red lips, closing her eyes and pouting to the camera

They never look haggard or drawn, even when they’re running errands or driving around town. So how do celebrities manage to get that natural, everyday glow? We’ve got 10 celebrity skin secrets that might surprise you.

With her relentless touring schedule and non-stop commitments, you’d assume Rihanna’s healthy skin was the work of some miracle cream that somehow erases any signs of fatigue. Not so, says the star.  She told InStyle Magazine that her amazing skin is down to two key elements, “Water and rest for my skin — which helps the elasticity.” Although, being 23 also helps with the elasticity.

Lauren Conrad
This reality star darling is partial to Proactiv, the heavily informercial-ed skincare line that’s had a wide range of celebrity spokespeople, including Jessica Simpson, Jenna Fischer and Katy Perry. Conrad, 25, spoke to Seventeen Magazine about it: “I had bad skin in high school, but Proactiv’s three-step system really works. I’ve been using it off and on for the past few years, but when I get lazy and stop, I totally break out.”

Blake Lively
Blake Lively is the first to admit that being a celebrity can be hard on your skin. But she has a solution: “What I do for a living, really, is wear makeup and have my hair done. Patricia Wexler’s face wash completely cleared up my skin,” she told MSN Lifestyle.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt is a DIY darling when it comes to caring for her skin — the classic beauty admitted to Allure Magazine she soaks her face in olive oil to get healthy, super-soft, ultra moisturized skin. You can create your own olive oil skincare regime at home, but be careful — Olive oil can do more harm than good if you already have oily, acne-prone skin.

Song Hye-Kyo

Her name might not be as familiar as the others, but Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo is one of the faces responsible for a huge beauty trend in Asia: the BB cream rage. When South Korean women discovered that the secret behind Song’s seemingly flawless skin was BB cream, demand for the product skyrocketed. The multi-function cream moisturizes, evens out skin tone, brightens protects and treats skin, and provides a natural-looking glow. Song and actress Jeon Ji-Hyun are the poster-girls for BB cream in Asia, but look for the product to make waves in the US and Canada this year, where there is already demand among early adopters.

Christina Applegate

With a new baby and an even newer TV show keeping her Up All Night, Christina Applegate probably needs all the help she can get when it comes to making her skin look healthy, refreshed and radiant. She recently told Cosmopolitan that she relies on La Mer cream (or Creme de la Mer) to do the trick, and she’s not the only one; Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and even Brad Pitt are said to be fans of the moisturizer. But you likely need a celebrity income to afford this expensive product — a 2oz bottle can cost upwards of $250.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow dishes most of her secrets of success on her website GOOP, and beauty is no exception. Paltrow recently admitted that she follows the skin advice of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who suggests clients eat two servings of fish per day and plenty of leafy greens to keep skin young and radiant. Of course, her glowing complexion isn’t just down to healthy eating — according to Us Magazine, she likes to indulge in $350 facials too.

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