Why Do We Need Pay Stubs?

Pay stubs are the document that all employees are given along with their salary payments.

This document is provided by the company to show how much a person has earned during this particular time, as well as showcasing any pay deductions. Most companies offer pay stubs every month, as this is when salary payments are made and allow employees to keep track of their progress throughout the year.

As they contain useful information regarding a person’s salary and tax payments, pay stubs are very important documents.

There are multiple uses for check stubs, and you will find multiple occasions when this kind of information is required from you. Common reasons to require a pay stub include the following:

Filing Taxes

Tax season is a tough time for everyone, and it is made even more difficult when you do not have the documents you need.

Pay stubs are some of the most important documents to have during tax season, as they show how much you have earnt and, therefore, what you need to pay. Check stubs are required by both the employee and the company when filing taxes because they show that both parties are compliant with the necessary tax laws.

During tax season, people will need to provide proof of their salaries, and pay stubs are essential for this.

Insurance Claims

There are many reasons why you may need to make a claim on your insurance, such as health issues, damage to your home, or even when suing for compensation.

Regardless of what kind of insurance you have and what you are claiming, your pay stub is required during this process to show how much you earn.

Pay stubs are needed when you take out any insurance policy, as they show the policyholder how much you can afford and whether you can make payments, as well as when you make a claim, so make sure to have them available.

Loans And Large Payments

From mortgages to payment plans, there are various loans that we can take out to help us pay for what we need. When you are asking to borrow a lot of money, you need to provide proof that you can handle this debt.

This is where your pay stub comes in, and it is required whenever you take out a loan.

Check stubs are a way of showing that you are in regular employment and that you can make repayments for the loan you want. This is essential in many areas, such as buying a house, renting an apartment, or making large purchases.

Companies, loan providers, and banks want to see that you can pay them back, and a pay stub is proof of your income to show this.

There are many occasions when you may be called to show proof of income, and the most important thing to provide here is your pay stub. Pay stubs are given with salary payments and should be provided by every company so you can see and prove what you are earning.

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